Singapore International Festival Of Arts 2019

The Singapore Art Festival 2019 takes place from 17 May until 2 June. SIFA Singapore will be in its 42nd year and still remains as distinctive and diverse as it was when it first started.

Its intention has always been to stretch the imagination and fill audiences with wonder, regardless of what they are watching, provoking further discussion and reflection. From music and dance events through to literary readings and visual arts and theatre, SIFA 2019 is Singapore’s undisputed premier arts festival of the year.

If you’re in the city on one of the three weekends the festival is taking place on and you’re trying to figure out what to do in  Singapore, then you won’t find it particularly difficult!


Venues for SIFA 2019

The venues for 2019 are likely to be very similar to the venues for the events in 2018. Twelve famous arts venues from across Singapore, some of which show multiple events such as Festival House, Esplanade Theatre, SOTA Drama Centre, Victoria Theatre and the Empress Lawn, the latter being an outdoor lawn area located in the Civic District and the cultural heart of Singapore.

Other interesting venues include the Armenian Church (the oldest Christian Church in Singapore) and the National Gallery Singapore, the city’s centre for visual arts. Outside of festival time it includes the largest collection of modern art in Southeast Asia.

Singapore International festival of arts


Taking a look back at some of the events that took place at SIFA 2018 will give us an idea as to what to expect from SIFA 2019.

One of the most striking events was a production of George Orwell’s literary classic ‘1984’. This was a great example of how a simple literary reading can be transformed into a spectacular theatrical event thanks to the magic of the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

This event was performed by a British theatre group and featured some of the country’s most prominent rising stars.

POP-UP Duets (fragments of love) was one of the most astonishing and entertaining performances of the whole event. Imagine sitting in an audience, waiting for the performance to start, the music begins to play and suddenly the couple next to you leaps up on stage and begins performing to the music.

That is what POP-UP Duets was in essence.

Couples hidden amongst the audience getting up and performing immaculately devised choreography in front of an audience they were a part of just minutes before.

The Four Decades Exhibition held at Festival House looked back at the decades in between the first Singapore International Festival of Arts and the current one. The influences that each festival had over the people that saw the events as well as the performers that participated in them.

This exhibition provided a time capsule, transferring the viewer back to the festival’s beginning in the 1970s and how it grew into Singapore’s biggest and most influential festival of its kind.

The Duke Ellington Orchestra who performed at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage were one of the events lauded by the organisers as an ideal one for the festival newcomer.

Named after the infamous and prolific twentieth century composers of jazz music who was also one of the most prominent African American personalities of the 1900s.

The music was spectacular, as was the venue, set as it was against the lush green backdrop of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Tickets for the much anticipated 2019 event will likely go on sale in February, the same as previous years. If you buy your tickets in the month of February or the first week of March you can usually enjoy a much appreciated 20% off the face value, just for being an early bird.

There are also often other discounts available.

If you buy tickets to three events at the same time then you’ll get 15% off of the final value of the tickets. If you increase this to five tickets purchased then this discount could rise to 25%.

There’s also pre-packaged specially selected show tickets which are called Festival Starter Packs. These normally consist of three shows at a greatly reduced price as well as a complimentary drink from the bar.

If you have valid SIFA tickets you’ll also get a discount when eating or drinking at many of the festival’s food and beverage outlets.

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