The Square Mile vs Wall Street: A Comparison of Working Life

When it comes to working in a new city, and particularly when it comes to moving to one, there are a whole host of living factors to think about. We’ve done some research into the financial hubs of London and New York City and found that while there are definite benefits to working on either side of the Atlantic, it’s the city of big red buses and Sadiq’s Cycles that takes the prize for best place to work.

LDN vs NY infographic


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London may see more rainy days annually, but Wall Street workers get through the year with an average of 15 fewer holiday days, alongside around 500 hours more work. Wall Street wages may be higher, but we suspect it’s Londoners who are having the last laugh.

With more than three times the amount of green space that New York City has, and more than 400 extra nightlife options to choose from, London workers really get to make the most of all that extra free time. Maybe that’s why their life expectancy is a little higher than that of Wall Street staff – although everyone’s a winner here, because Square Mile and Wall Street inhabitants can expect to live an impressive four to eight years longer than people living elsewhere in each city.

While house prices and tube fares are a little more expensive in London, all the extra amenities to enjoy certainly seem like a fair trade. And with local data suggesting that a meal for two costs less in London than in NYC, you can spend that extra free time working your way through the gastronomic delights of the neighbourhood without breaking the bank.

London and New York are both busy cities with plenty to do, and if you’re visiting on work or planning a permanent relocation then our city guides and networking events should help you settle in and find the best places to go with ease.



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