The top five Smart Phone applications for the business traveller

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worldcustoms-1Business travellers new to a country or culture are often flummoxed on the right way of interacting with a person from a different culture. The smallest mistake, unwittingly committed, can result in a business deal gone awry. Download WorldCustoms on your iPhones and get to know the do’s and don’ts for a particular country in a moment.

App price: 46 INR (or 0.99 USD)

The Amazon Kindle

amazon-kindle1A free app, the Amazon Kindle, does not limit itself to Kindle users, but rather invites smart phone, tablet and even laptop owners to download an e-book and enjoy the pleasure of reading. Get your management books, motivational books and novels on your iPhone or any smart phone with this app. You just need to pay for the e-book once.

App price: Free


nextflight-11Missed your flight or facing a cancellation? Check out the flights available for the next two days on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from over 4300 airports across the globe on NextFlight. A handy app with a reasonable pricing of just $2.99, NextFlight displays a comprehensive list of available flights from over 1200 carriers, including all major ones. The only glitch – it lists only non-stop flights, so you may want to crosscheck with your travel agent or the airline officials for availability of flights with one or two stops. The app also lets you search for hotels, cabs and car rentals.

App price: 137 INR (or 2.99 USD)


A real time translation technology initially developed for the U.S. Army, Transclick, is now available for civilians as well. No matter which corner of the world you need to visit, you can now communicate with the locals, without having to learn their dialect. Available on Blackberry and all J2ME Smart Phones, the Transclick Handset Client (THAC), offers on-screen translation services for over 16 languages. In the coming year, Transclick is all set to expand its support to 40 languages and as audible speech – so your smart phone does all the talking for you – all you need to do is type whatever you want to say and select the language to which it needs to be translated. Pity it does not recognize the native language itself!

WorldCard Mobile

worldcard-mobileIn the business world, rare is the event, when business cards are not exchanged. When the event is huge and there are hundreds of business cards being exchanged, organizing and storing them can be a hassle one will be happy to escape. WorldCard Mobile solves your problem in an instant! All you need to do is click a photograph of the card with your 3/4GS and the in-built Optical Character Recognition software scans the logo and pictures, reads the text and saves it in your contacts, ready for your use. With the WorldCard Contacts app as well, you can save the actual card image along with the contacts and store them in an interactive directory.

App price: 280 INR

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