IMG_4571On Wednesday 7th October we hosted our first community event for our residents in London. The night was a networking opportunity where residents were given the opportunity to meet other residents as well as a couple of members of staff.

We invited our community to come and join us at South Place Hotel near Liverpool Street Station where we met our guests with some drinks and nibbles. The evening enabled our residents to meet each other and have a chat – some quickly found out that they were staying in the same building, others exchanged business advice and tips and everyone enjoyed having a drink in casual surroundings.

We received some great feedback after the event with residents saying that they definitely see the community approach turning into a success and that they undoubtedly will join next time we host an event.

We want everyone to truly benefit when they are staying with us and since our client base consists of a lot of expats, there is a rich opportunity to meet some new people. We want to offer the full thesqua.re experience – premium serviced accommodation alongside a community where you can meet future friends and business partners in relaxed surroundings.

Please stay tuned for future events. This fall and winter we will be hosting another networking event, a wine tasting and a Christmas get-together.


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