TheSqua.re Ventures Investment Gains Traction



TheSqua.re Serviced Apartments are pleased to announce that Gateway Villas, an investee company from our seed fund, TheSqua.re Ventures, has successfully raised further capital. This is great news for TheSqua.re Ventures, and demonstrates the impact it can make in leveraging its expertise in the serviced apartment, travel and the wider alternative accommodation markets.

Through TheSqua.re Ventures, we support fast-growing disruptive companies in the travel and property markets that are revolutionising the way the industries function and have the same values and commitment that we do in achieving success and customer service; quality stock, innovation and global vision.

Villa Paradiso

And that’s why we picked Gateway Villas, a potentially leading platform for luxury villa rentals. Pushing through concepts like the 'Villa Finder Service' and The Gateway Promise, it shows a dedication to making customers feel valued - just like us.

With a focus on Asia and an ever-expanding portfolio that includes over 400 luxury high-end villas, Gateway Villas could transform the travel industry and make the luxury villa market more accessible than ever before!

18-The Amilla Villa Estate - Private roof terrace

But there’s more. We also keen to invest in more prop-tech companies that have adjacency to ours such as Luxury Villas, Co-Living, Property SaaS (Software as a Service product), BlockChain enabled travel businesses, and Enterprise Travel start-ups.

Here at TheSqua.re, we are committed to being a leader in our space and Ventures helps us to keep learning and keep our fingers on the pulse of what is new and can be big in the future of the property industry.


Gateway Villas is one of many future travel and property leaders that we’ll be supporting to grow our network of allies and to give back to those that believe in the same values and wish to take the industry forward.

To support Gateway Villas in their new campaign at Seeders, click here: https://www.seedrs.com/gateway-villa-rentals


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