Things to Know Before Moving to New York

moving to new york

New York, New York. This iconic city is a lot of things – it is huge, it is exciting and it is where dreams are made. However, one thing that all expats can agree on is that New York City is also incredibly intimidating. From its fuss-free attitude to its frighteningly inflated prices, plenty of newcomers to the City that Never Sleeps suddenly find that a sense of terror might rapidly overpower the excitement of setting foot in the Big Apple. Fear not, however – here at we’ve collated a list of things to do (and things to know) to get your relocation off to the best start.

1. Taxis will not get you anywhere more quickly than the subway:

Yes, even though you pay far more to ride in one – and yes, even during quiet times. The crowded, somewhat challenging metro system in New York can leave everybody feeling tempted to fork out for a taxi – especially during a panicked rush – but NYC traffic means that it is rarely worthwhile. Even if the roads appear uncongested, there is a traffic jam around every corner – so the subway is probably your quickest option.

2. Finding your place in the city takes time:

Many veteran New York City expats advise others to take a short-term let when they first arrive in the city, allowing the flexibility to explore neighbourhoods, develop a social circle and decide where to stay in New York for the long-term. In many cases, luxury serviced apartments or holiday accommodation in New York is an excellent way to settle down but keep your options open.

3. You really, really don’t need a car:

Unless you are a huge fan of parking tickets and dents in the side of your vehicle, it is never recommended to bring your car to New York. With perfectly walkable neighbourhoods along with a subway system and bus network, you’ll find the city far more pleasant without the burden of your own car.

4. People in the city really aren’t that mean:

The movies often depict New York City as a harsh, unforgiving place, where people have sharp elbows and even sharper tongues. Although the Big Apple’s long-term residents might be busy, ambitious and somewhat tired of clueless newcomers, most will be more than happy to give you directions if you ask nicely.

5. Finding an apartment is the toughest hurdle:

The property market in New York is fiercely competitive, so be prepared for an uphill battle when you’re searching for somewhere to live. Securing an apartment online without viewing it in person is a tempting idea, but often ends in disaster as your new home is far from what you expected. When you do go to view an apartment, be prepared to make an offer on the spot – because a number of other people will probably be doing the same thing. If that pressure isn’t for you, investigate other options – can help you find your ideal long-term serviced accommodation, without the hassle of broker fees or the pressure of abrupt decisions. With your accommodation handled, you’re free to begin your adventure in New York.

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