Top 11 National Parks in Miami with Beautiful Attractions

Unfettered glamour and serene beaches make Miami the ultimate stress-buster. But if you want to look beyond the obvious, target the national parks in Miami for your next tour. This will help you explore the city from a unique viewpoint and appreciate its diversity. These parks will surely add a revitalising touch to your life and make your Miami days greener. 

Here are the best national parks near Miami that will reward you with priceless memories. Luckily there are many furnished apartments in Miami too that keep you in the lap of nature. 

Everglades National Park

With 1.5 million acres of pristine wilderness, Everglades is one of the prime national parks in Miami. The tea-coloured water paths and mangrove-lined edges bring calmness to the sight. While the playful wading birds contribute to the lively factor. Talking about fauna, this swampy wonderland is home to about 14 rare and endangered kinds. Gators remain the key attraction with a few lucky enough to spot manatees, and panthers too. For close-up views, take boat tours or kayak through the waters. There are hiking options as well like the famous Anhinga Trail and Gumbo Limbo Trail.

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Biscayne National Park

The appeal of Biscayne lies in the rarely-found ecosystem combos. Vibrant corals, azure waters, mangrove swamps, and green islands. Moreover, not even an hour away, this is also one of the best national parks in Miami you can easily access. The climb to the summit of the iconic Boca Chita Key lighthouse brings an adrenaline rush. And given that about 95% of the park is water, there is no lack of water sports opportunities either. From scuba diving and boating to fishing, have your share of H₂O in any way you like. Just ensure you do your bit to preserve the natural harmony. 

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Big Cypress National Preserve

To stay wrapped amidst lush green scenes Big Cypress is a safe bet. It covers about 720, 000 acres and is a segment of the Everglades ecosystem. The entire setting of the varied range of plants resembles a beautiful painting. It also shelters many endangered types. The ghost orchid and the royal palms for instance. Visitors can also spot several diverse wild species. The list includes the mighty black bears. To delve deep into the wildness of the space, you can go for the ranger-led programs. Or take an off-road vehicle drive.

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Canaveral National Seashore

Canaveral Seashore is one of the best national parks near Miami to be if you are a beach cum wildlife lover. This breathtaking place spans more than 57,000 acres. And is filled with large stretches of sandy seashores and rolling dunes. So, swimming, surfing, hiking, and fishing are some of the favoured pastimes of tourists. At the same time, the glassy lagoons and oak forests give scope for animal and bird watching. The seashore is home to over 1,000 plant sorts and 310 bird varieties. 

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Dry Tortugas National Park

Situated at a distance of over 180 miles, Dry Tortugas is a great option for those who don’t mind a detour when in the Magic City. This national park encompasses seven islands. Plus, a sizeable section of well-protected coral reefs. It is 99% water so varied marine life, ship ruins, and sunken riches all contribute to it being a tourist magnet. Garden Key Island which houses the magnificent Fort Jefferson is a popular spot here. You can also spend your time birdwatching in their breeding grounds. Or engage in any of your favourite water activities. 

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De Soto National Memorial

Located in Manatee County, De Soto takes about 4 hours via I-75 N from Miami. It honors the first coordinated European expedition of the USA in 1539. The mission was conducted by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, after whom it was named. Brought to life in 1948, it covers detailed facts on his travel through Southern USA. There are archaeological exhibits and theatre shows depicting daily lives in those times. They have guided tours and educational programs too for those eager to know more. Surrounded by loads of greenery, the memorial park also offers many hiking trails.  

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Gulf Islands National Seashore

The Gulf of Mexico attracts millions of tourists every year. Why not? The gorgeous Gulf Island is an inevitable stop while touring the national parks in Miami. It has everything any nature enthusiast desires. Spectacular unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters, fertile marshes, and historic highlights. It also provides diverse fun possibilities. You can hike, watch birds, kayak, bike, or simply sit back and appreciate the beauty. The Gulf Islands also have camping sites. So, feel free to plan a stargazing night with friends and family. 

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Fort Matanzas National Monument

Looking for a beautiful halt that won’t cost a penny? Well, Fort Matanzas should be on your list of the best national parks near Miami. This Spanish fort dates back to 1740. But besides its historic charm, the entire area guards about 300 acres of coastal habitat. From marine jungles and swamps to dunes and aquatic life, the fort provides scenic gifts. It can be accessed by a panoramic ferry ride with rangers enlightening you with the history. Upon reaching, you can spend lazy hours by the water. Or walk the boardwalk trail that meanders through the cool hammock forest. 

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Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve

Timucuan Preserve is based in Jacksonville, Florida. It was set up in 1988 and underwent a massive expansion in 1999. The place consists of 46,000 acres of swampy patches, water paths, and other habitats. The coastal dunes and the hardwood hammocks also accentuate the appeal. Fort Caroline Memorial and Kingsley Plantation are the other highlights of this preserve. They both carry immense historical significance besides scenic beauty. The former memorializes the 16th-century French colonial settlement. While the latter serves as the locale of a former estate. 

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Fort Caroline National Memorial

Do not have time to explore the entire Timucuan Preserve? Well, then focus on the Fort Caroline National Memorial. This is because the 600 acres of natural wealth itself is worthy to be named among the best national parks near Miami. It leaves you with enough options to hike while taking in some healthy doses of greenery. The place, having seen a short-lived French presence also has sentimental value. Tales of exploration, religious fights, territorial conflicts, and the ultimate battle for survival. You also get an academic ride on the first contact between natives and Europeans. 

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Castillo De San Marcos National Monument

If you are into history and architecture, here’s another picturesque option for you. Castillo De San Marcos, built in 1672, boasts of being the oldest existing masonry fortress in the USA. The design is a stroke of genius with stone walls embodying the fortitude of Latino heritage. During your visit, you can watch live displays that offer a peek into the lives of soldiers and people back then. This already awe-inspiring experience is boosted by stunning marshy terrain and waterfront vistas. 

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Final Thoughts

The national parks in Miami can make your tour a lot more adventurous. And if you want to balance it with cosy nights, has the ideal furnished apartments in Miami for you. We are also well-scattered all over the city, so you can book us at your preferred location. 

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