Top 11 Tips for an EcoFriendly Christmas

Tips for an EcoFriendly Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and definitely calls for celebrations with your family and loved ones for company. Yet, while you pull out those party shoes and make shopping lists for the occasion, do not forget sustainability as a core area of focus. After all, there are several small ways in which we can all start doing our bit for the Planet and responsible Christmas celebrations are something that is achievable, provided you do a little homework.

Here are Easy Tips for an EcoFriendly Christmas That You can Keep in Mind:

1. How to be more sustainable this Christmas

Lowering carbon emissions is a goal that the world has to achieve in the near future in order to keep global warming at bay and prevent natural disasters and eventual destruction of the Planet. At the same time, current carbon reporting figures state that there is a lot more to be done across households and communities to lower emissions. In this context, here are a few environment-friendly celebration tips that will stand you in good stead this holiday season.

2. Responsibly source and dispose your Christmas tree

Be it in London or elsewhere, watch out for FSC Certification. This will confirm that the tree has been sourced in a sustainable manner. Look out for local tree farms to choose your tree while also keeping an eye on social association approvals if you are worried about the tree being organic or not. After the celebrations are over, dispose of the actual tree at a local centre where they will process and convert it into other useful items. You can also keep an eye out for local disposal and recycling programs.

3. Opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) decorations that will last long

Choose the principles of reduce reuse recycle for your decorations. Make use of decorations that are made of fabric, recycled wood, and glass as opposed to non-recyclable PVC or plastic. Choose designs that will be in vogue for several years at a stretch. From paper garlands to beaded stars, get down to making your decorations yourself with the whole family for company.

4Choose EcoFriendly Gifting Options

When it comes to gifts for Christmas, choose sustainable options that are more Planet-friendly. You can choose to make homemade décor items for loved ones or even buy gifts from small businesses that are made with organic or recycled materials. Watch out for low-carbon footprint gifting brands and fair trade credentials.

5. Gift wrapping can also be done sustainably

You should avoid glossy gift wraps which are non-recyclable. Choose brown paper and use paper labels that are dyed in a sustainable manner. Use brown thread for a natural feel or go for ribbons. However, they should be reused sustainably every year for your efforts to really count.

6. Choose stores that have minimal packaging

More stores and brands are trying to minimise packaging for their products. Choose stores that follow this mission and respect the environment. You can also reuse your bags while shopping for Christmas and avoid plastic.

7. Secret Santa exchanges are a great idea

Worried about buying things that you will not need and getting unnecessary gifts that you will have to return? Considering the environmental load of transporting items and their potential to eventually end up in landfills, it is better to adopt a conscious approach towards what you purchase. You can suggest a Secret Santa option as compared to regular exchanges of gifts with loved ones. This will help you buy more personalised and noteworthy items for every person. They will also do the same.

8. Composting is always a good option

A huge amount of food waste piles up after each Christmas since we tend to over purchase things ahead of the celebrations. The first thing to do is avoid panic buying and make a list of exactly what you need. If you still have leftovers or find food going stale before you can eat it, do not blindly throw it in the trash. Rescue leftovers and get into composting in the backyard or anywhere else. You can also invest in a composter for your countertop if that is an option.

9. Eat responsibly

When it comes to food & drink, adopt a responsible approach to minimise wastage and over-buying. Look for natural produce to lower your transportation miles along with sustainability certifications. Add more sustainability to your basket by purchasing seasonal and locally-grown products. This will lower the energy consumed for growing foods out of the season or for shipping.

10. Travel responsibly

It is possible to integrate sustainability with your travel plans, if you are heading out for Christmas. Look for sustainability-minded properties and avoid flying as much as possible. Train journeys are a better option in this case. Camping is also a good option to lower your environmental impact.

11. Choose LED lights for Christmas

LED lights use up almost 75% lower energy while lasting considerably longer than traditional alternatives. This means that you will save energy and also on power bills. Also switch off the lights at night or when you are not using them.

These are some EcoFriendly tips for Christmas that you can consider. Doing your bit for the planet is always recommended consider growing carbon emissions and the urgent need to reduce our footprints to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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