Top 5 Venues in Dublin for Live Music

If you’re looking to find traditional local entertainment when you’re out in the evening, there are few capital cities which provide it as well as Dublin can.  Live music is a part of Dublin’s very fabric, it’s an Irish institution and in the capital city it can come in all sorts of different forms.

Mainly traditional and sometimes offbeat, you can also find some much more modern offerings in the live music venues throughout the city.

If you’re looking for things to do in Dublin, here’s our top five venues to see live music.

The Grand Social

This venue is frequently nominated for the Irish National Venue of the Year award so it’s well known and very popular.

No matter what your musical taste, The Grand Social will at some point cater for it.  They have theme nights, DJs and musicians from all over the world performing music from countless genres.

Other stand out features of this venue include a rooftop beer garden and the fact that it opens during the day as an indoor retro music market.

The Button Factory

Located right in the centre of Temple Bar this is the ideal venue if you want to be near all of the other main attractions in the city.

red button

The bands playing range from indie to house to rock and the atmosphere inside is always positive and upbeat.  Previous visitors to Dublin may remember it under its old name, the Temple Bar Music Centre

Cobblestone Pub

If you’re looking for a traditional experience with authentic Irish music then a venue that is seemingly offering it is not hard to find.  However, the majority of these are aimed at tourists and leave a bit of an artificial taste in the mouth.

The Cobblestone Pub is not like that at all, a fact that is established early on when you realise how many locals frequent it.  If you want to see excellent musicians performing enthusiastically for the love of it then this is the place to go.


Arguably the most famous music venue in Dublin, head on over to Wexford Street to experience Whelan’s, part bustling Dublin pub, part music venue to the stars.


Whelan’s not only hosts local music talent, but has also been the venue of choice for world renowned international artists over the years, including Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley.  Although it’s a major venue which is usually heaving with people, it still retains that cosy feel, a gift that a lot of Dublin venues are blessed with.

Vicar Street

This is a spacious venue which can incorporate lots of people standing or sitting for its gigs, but still manages to retain an air of intimacy.

Vicar Street

It is one of Dublin’s favourite live venues and is also well known for hosting popular Irish and British comedians.

Another bonus is that it sells drinks that are reasonably priced, smoothing that you won’t always find in Dublin’s music venues!

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