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Top 8 Temping Agencies in London for Expats

Moving to a new city can prove to be a stressful time. You need to find a place to live, make new friends, perhaps even even learn a new language. Moving to London can be made even more worrying due to the sheer size of the city, not to mention the population.

All of this can be infinitely less stressful if you have a job to go to when you arrive. It's a difficult time to commit to a permanent career move, but an ideal time to start a temporary job whilst you settle into your new home.

Finding a decent temping agency in London is an essential part of that. Here are some of the best London temping agencies for you to consider. Remember that an agency does not have to be based in the city in order to specialise in temping jobs in London.

Client Server - Tech Support Specialists

If you have experience in tech support and are looking for a London based role then Client Server are a great option. Specialising in finding roles for people who know C++, Javascript or any other kind of technology language, this agency can find you a suitable role in London or the outskirts.

Capita Resourcing - Education Specialists

If you’re a qualified teacher looking for a temporary or part time role then Westminster based Capita Resourcing are a great place to start. They also have jobs available in the health and social care sectors.

Attic Recruitment - Secretarial and PA Specialists

Attic Recruitment sells itself on its connections with companies that are considered more quirky but no less prestigious. It has PA, secretarial and business assistant roles in sectors such as performance art and theatres through to banking and retail.

Get Recruited - Sales & Marketing Specialists

Based in Holborn, this agency has roles in sales and marketing which range from entry level Account Executives through to Sales Director. You’ll be speaking to a recruitment specialist in this field who will be able to find the right role for you in the city.

Tiger Recruitment - Temporary Jobs Specialist

If you’re not looking for a job in a particular industry, then your best bet is probably using an agency which specialises in finding temporary jobs across all major industry sectors. Tiger Recruitment is that agency.

They’ll assess your skill set, professional experience and assess what your professional goals are. From that information they’ll look for work in the industry that they feel is best suited to you. They might even come up with something you hadn’t previously considered?

Tiger Recruitment excels in finding temporary cover for admin roles, such as for sickness or maternity leave. Roles where flexibility is vital.

Also, in the unlikely event that you feel London isn’t for you, they also have jobs further afield, both in the UK and internationally.

Prime Agency Recruitment - Hospitality Specialist

Recruitment agencies don’t always have the greatest reputations in the business world, but Prime Agency Recruitment seems to buck the trend. Candidates rate them very high for finding work within the hospitality sector.

They are constantly seeking high quality candidates for roles in hotels, hospitality, restaurants, event management, health clubs, leisure and facilities management sectors and they have current links to more than 200 companies across the capital.

New Frontiers Travel Recruitment - Travel Recruitment Specialists

A very apt name considering your situation. New Frontiers specialise in finding roles in the travel sector. They were established 25 years ago and this experience has allowed them to become leaders in their field.

If you’re looking for a temporary role in a travel call centre, retail travel or business travel then they’re bound to have the right role for you. If you provide a support service such as sales, finance, PR or IT and would like to work in travel, then these are the guys to contact.

Reed - All Sector Specialists

Simply one of the largest and most well known recruitment agencies in the UK, not just London. If Reed specialises in anything, it’s the online job search service it provides, putting job seekers in contact with the employers that are offering the jobs they want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reed receives over 80,000 job applications a day, all those people can’t be wrong!

Once you’ve found your perfect job in the city, you’ll be looking for extended stay apartments in London, UK, preferably ones which are within easy reach of your new employment.

Contact who specialise in renting this kind of accommodation on a long term basis and have apartments in a range of locations across the capital.


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