Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Munich

In addition to its rich history, gorgeous architecture, and Oktoberfest, the vibrant city of Munich, is well-known for its dog-friendly eateries. If you own a dog and are searching for a place to eat out with your pet, you're in luck! It boasts a range of dog-friendly restaurants that offer scrumptious meals and a welcoming setting for both humans and their four-legged pals. 

If you are planning a trip to Munich with your pet; the following are the top 10 dog-friendly restaurants in Munich, each having a unique selling factor and location.


1. Café Katzentempel

Cafe katzentempel

Cafe katzentempel (Image Courtesy:

Location: Türkenstraße 31, 80799 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Friday-Saturday 9 am–9 pm

Sunday-Thursday 9 am–8 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery


This adorable cat-themed café is not only for cat lovers. Dogs are also welcome! While your dog receives water and goodies, guests may enjoy a vegan meal, organic coffee, as well as a quiet setting. The possibility to interact with the resident cats is one of the pleasures of Café Katzentempel. The lovely feline tenants, all of whom are rescues, are free to wander the café's allocated area. The design is pleasant and Pet-themed, with fun details that provide a playful touch to the environment. As a result, for dog owners looking for a pet-friendly eating experience in Munich, Café Katzentempel offers a pleasant space to enjoy a cup of coffee or a great vegan meal.


2. Man Versus Machine

Man versus Machine

Man versus Machine (Image Courtesy:

Location: Müllerstraße 23, 80469 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Saturday-Sunday 9 am–7 pm

Monday-Friday 8 am–7 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery


Coffee connoisseurs, here is the spot, especially for you while also being among the best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Munich. This stylish café accepts dogs as well as provides great specialty coffee. Come outside with your dog and savor the pleasant scents in their outdoor seating. Moreover, what distinguishes Man Versus Machine is its dedication to providing great specialty coffee. The café takes great satisfaction in procuring high-quality beans from all around the world, ensuring that each cup is pure joy for the senses. The décor of the café is modern and minimalist, with clean lines, plenty of natural light, and a calm environment.


3. Kaisergarten


Kaisergarten (Image Courtesy:

Location: Kaiserstraße 34, 80801 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Saturday-Sunday 10 am–12 am

Monday-Friday 12 pm–12 am

Tuesday 12 pm–12 am

Wednesday 12 pm–12 am

Thursday 12 pm–12 am

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway

Kaisergarten, nestled in the magnificent English Garden, is a dog-friendly beer garden where you can enjoy classic Bavarian specialties. It is well-known for its friendly atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings. This renowned restaurant delivers a wonderful combination of Bavarian cuisine and a dog-friendly setting. Your canine companion may cool off by drinking from the doggie water fountain in the restaurant. Moreover, Kaisergarten's menu features classic Bavarian meals cooked with delicacy and utilizing locally sourced produce. The restaurant is dog-friendly, and well-behaved dogs are welcome to join their owners for a delightful dining experience.


4. Park Café

park cafe

Park cafe (Image Courtesy:

Location: Sophienstraße 7, 80333 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Wednesday12–11 pm

Thursday-Friday 12 pm–1 am

Saturday 10 am–1 am

Sunday 10 am–9:30 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery


This Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Munich provides a peaceful, dog-friendly ambience as well as a delicious brunch buffet. When you relish exquisite cuisine, your dog may stretch out on the big patio chairs. It's an excellent choice for dog owners looking for a warm and sophisticated café experience in the center of Munich. Regardless of whether you come for a leisurely breakfast, a casual lunch, or a wonderful afternoon tea, Park Café provides a dog-friendly setting in which you can relax while admiring the venue's historical beauty. The outdoor dining area at Park Café genuinely reflects the dog-friendly vibe. 


5. Seehausim Englischen Garten

 Seehausim Englischen Garten

Seehausim Englischen Garten (Image Courtesy:

Location: Kleinhesselohe 3, 80802 Munich

Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday 12 pm–12 am

Sunday 12–10 pm

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery


This gorgeous lakeside restaurant in the English Garden is a dog lover's paradise. Enjoy the magnificent vistas while dining on authentic Bavarian cuisine. It's a fantastic place for nature-loving travelers and their canine partners, thanks to its stunning vistas, lovely ambience, and dog-friendly service. There are dog-friendly areas and water dishes accessible. Among the reasons Seehaus Garten distinguishes out is its dedication to offering a dog-friendly environment. The restaurant is situated close to the peaceful Kleinhesseloher See, a placid lake that contributes to the wonderful natural setting. 


6. Burger House

burger house

Burger House (Image Courtesy:

Location: Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 10, 80336 München

Opening Hours: 

Sunday-Thursday 12 pm–1 am

Friday-Saturday 12 pm–3 am

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery


Do you want a juicy burger? Visit the Burger House and enjoy tasty burgers, hot dogs, and fries with your furry pal. The outside sitting area is pet-friendly and ideal for a full dinner. Burger House, as the name implies, focuses on creating outstanding burgers. Their menu provides a range of burger selections to meet any palette, using high-quality ingredients and inventive flavor combinations. Burger House caters to a variety of dietary needs, with options ranging from traditional beef patties to plant-based and vegetarian choices, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone. This makes it one of the best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Munich.


7. Café Frischhut

Café Frischhut

Café Frischhut (Image Courtesy:

Location: Prälat-Zistl-Straße 8, 80331 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Friday 9 am–6 pm

Saturday 9 am–5:30 pm

Sunday Closed

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Café Frischhut serves scrumptious pastries and freshly brewed coffee to both you and your dog. This typical Bavarian café has a dog-friendly outside dining area, so you can both enjoy the feel of Munich's historic city center. It is well-known for its pastries, but it also serves savory food and drinks. You'll discover a range of selections to satiate your appetites, from robust breakfast options to light lunch dishes. For a comprehensive dining experience, pair your meal with a fragrant coffee or a refreshing beverage of your choice.


8. Boilerman Bar

boilerman bar

Boilerman Bar (Image Courtesy:

Location: Reichenbachstraße 11, 80469 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Sunday-Thursday 6 pm–1 am

Friday-Saturday 6 pm–2 am

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery


Boilerman Bar, known for its superb drinks and whiskey collection, accepts well-behaved pets. Experience a refined evening with your dog in a warm and beautiful setting. Excellent talented mixologists take pleasure in their work and are committed to making inventive and tasty drinks that will leave you speechless. You and your pet buddy will be greeted warmly upon arrival. The pub has specific dog-friendly spaces where you can enjoy your beverages while your four-legged pal lounges by your side.


9. Das Maria

Das Maria

Das Maria (Image Courtesy:

Location: Adalbertstraße 11, 80799 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Sunday 9 am–11 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery


This is among the hippest Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Munich specializing in Mediterranean fare. It's a great setting for a leisurely supper with your beloved pet, thanks to its dog-friendly patio seating and a cuisine full of fresh and colorful tastes. Guests will be met with a colorful and contemporary ambience the moment they walk inside Das Maria. The interior design of the hotel combines clean lines, vibrant colors, and creative accents to create an appealing and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, the central position of Das Maria allows for quick access to Munich's bustling city life. Hence you can find many Furnished Apartments in Munich within proximity to Das Maria.


10. Café Bla

Cafe Bla

Cafe Bla (Image Courtesy:

Location: Ledererstraße 23, 80331 Munich

Opening Hours: 

Saturday-Sunday 10 am–6 pm

Monday-Friday 9 am–6 pm

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No delivery



Among the newest restaurant in the list of Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Munich, Café Bla is well-known for its handcrafted cakes and pastries, as well as its fragrant coffees. In the pet-friendly outdoor dining area, indulge your sweet craving as your dog relaxes by your side. Café Frischhut is a beautiful destination for residents and visitors alike where you can indulge in delectable pastries while enjoying the companionship of your furry pet. Its exquisite pastries, comfortable environment, and pet-friendly philosophy make it a popular location for people looking for a lovely café experience in Munich's core.



Munich's dog-friendly restaurants provide the right combination of tasty meals and a warm welcome for both you and your pet. These venues, which range from attractive cafés to lakeside restaurants and intimate pubs, understand the importance of allowing your dog to join you for dinner. Should you happen to find yourself in Munich, take the time to visit these top 10 dog-friendly restaurants and create some wonderful moments with your furry family member beside you. 


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