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Many people are not aware that London is the smallest city in the UK. London is Greater London. London itself is a small portion of this metropolis. London is green, and the amount of greenery you enjoy in London is nowhere to be found in any other city in the world. It is the green capital. According to the UN estimation, the amount of tree cover the city has equals the magnitude of a forest.

The Tube in London is known all over as the underground railway network. When you visit London and have some time to spare for a look around, you must know the top London attractions. 

london coliseum

Big Ben is not what you think! 

The tower that many people know as Big Ben is Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is not the name of the tower. It is the name of the bell that leaves inside and whose sound we hear. It is a famous landmark of London and also the most photographed. London is not a rainy city as it is famously known. Other cities in the world are rainier than London. Most of London is inhabited by few residents. Most of the people that you see some commuters or visitors come every day to the city of London. Around 16 million visitors are coming here every day. That is a real big number.

  • India in London

London has a great number of Indian Restaurants, more than that of any Indian city. These eateries serve excellent Indian curries and recipes far better than those served in Indian restaurants. Another distressing fact about London is that the city traffic is incorrigibly knotty. The crowd is strangulating during business hours, so you had better take a walk. That is going to save you time and patience. So, traffic here hasn’t improved a speck for the last one hundred years or so.

There are a great many places to visit in London, some of which are so enchanting and memorable that you would look for another opportunity to take the next flight to London. There is London sea-life at the Aquarium, a science museum, and so on. You can get a glimpse of the culture at the museums or the regal life of yore at Buckingham Palace, the home to the Queen. You may take a tour of Big Ben and other places of iconic importance.

Following are some of the attractions of London:

  • London Eye

You will be amazed at the 360-degree view of London from atop London Eye. It is an observatory on a wheel and it has magnificent height. You can see the capital's iconic landmarks and other attractive things like the House of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Within its chambers, some guides let you explore the landmarks. They speak many languages because the tourists throng the city from different countries of the world. You have to buy entry tickets to enjoy the panorama of the city. If you buy a fast-track entry ticket, you may avoid long queues.  The London Eye is situated on the banks of the Thames and there is Waterloo station nearby. You will have Charing Cross, Westminster, and Embankment a short distance away. If you are on a bus, it will stop at London Eye and you may easily alight there. Several buses stop here.

  • Warner Brothers Studios

You should visit Warner Brothers Studios and discover the magic of Harry Potter on its sets that spelt magic of special effects. You may find some off-screen secrets of the film series. When you take a tour of the sets, you will find Hogwarts Great Hall and the forest that was shown as forbidden in the film. Hogwarts Express is leaving from Platform 9 ¼. You can explore Diagonal Alley also. The studio tour will open up British talent, the imagination of the people and the skills that made things impossible appear real on screen. It is the imagination of the film people who injected life into this fantasy-based film on wizardry and witchcraft.

  • Tower of London

The Tower of London is yet another place where you will discover the history of the kings and queens of England, their royal palaces, and a fortress. It happens to be the first London Zoo where Royal Beasts inhabited this place. You can see invaluable crown jewels and meet the iconic Beefeater during your tour. They will tell you blood-chilling tales. There were wonderful animals of those times that lived in the area. You will get to see the swords and the armour.

  • Bus Tour of London

There are hop-on-hop-off bus tours taking place in London. These are the buses that offer you comfort and from them, you can oversee breathtaking views of the city's landmarks. You can avail yourself of a free tour of the river, and the tour is included in your ticket. The bus will go through five routes where there are multiple stops. These stops will enable you to watch the famous places of London taking your time. You will see the following:

  • Tower of London
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Oxford Street & Regent Street
  • Trafalgar Square
  • St Paul's Cathedral

There is an important feature about these bus rides. For the benefit of tourists from multiple nationalities, there are onboard guides. These guides can speak English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian languages.

One can get free Wi-Fi aboard these buses.

The bus rides also include a free boat ride of Thames. You can watch the beautiful skyline of the city from the boats.

  • Cable Car Tour of the Thames

You can enjoy the view of the Thames from above riding a cable car. The aerial view promises to be one of its kind. The way is from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. You will have a beautiful view of the Thames, the skyline of London, Greenwich, the Royal Docks, etc. you can also watch the sunset over the Thames and the lights coming back on after the evening sets in. You can buy either a single ticket or multiple boarding passes. There is a range of packages available to choose from. It can be a non-stop trip around, video tour, and a chance to enter Emirates Aviation and souvenir. The journey duration depends on the flow of passengers and weather conditions.

The time usually is of five to 13 minutes. You can board the cable car at the North Greenwich or the Royal Victoria side of the river. Greenwich has a lot to offer. There is a century of history for you to explore right from the time of the Royals down to the narratives on astronomy and time. You may watch world-class art and maritime wonderments.

  • London Transport Museum

You can visit London Transport Museum that shows transport icons. It ranges from red buses of London to the design of the Tube map. You will know the growth of London, its cultural expansion, and its social fabric that is interwoven with the transport system dating back to the 1800s. You will get to see the world's first underground steam train. You can see a train carriage from the 1890s. If you are a design aficionado, you may marvel at the designs at the travel gallery. There are advertising posters of pioneering stature apart from other artworks. You may experience a tube-driving simulator at the interactive galleries.

  • The Shard

If you like to have a 360-degree view of London, you can have it from the Shard. The Shard is 300-meter-tall and The Shard is twice as high as other buildings of London. You can opt for an entry into The Shard building and have a panoramic view of London from the viewing gallery. You can enjoy yourself atop Skydeck, an open platform that offers a view of the great city. You can view Tower Bridge, the Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and St Paul’s Cathedral. You can enjoy your drink and snacks served in one of the bars out there. You may even enjoy a glass of champagne there.

  • Sea Life London

At Sea Life London Aquarium, you can enjoy yourself in the marine world. You can take a stroll under the sea in a glass ocean tunnel. You will have the option of visiting the Seashore Kingdom. It will be so thrilling to spot piranhas. It is included in the Rainforest Adventure. You can meet penguins, rays, jellyfish, starfish, etc. most of these visits last around 1 to 2-hours. The sea life aquarium is located in the county hall, near the river Thames. Waterloo station is nearby. Westminster and Charing Cross stations are not far from here.

  • Shrek’s Adventure London

One more landmark in London is Shrek's Adventure on London's south bank. It is at the county hall. It has been created to provide a hilarious world for people. It is about the world of Shrek and his friends. There are laugh-out-loud shows and the sets of the film "Shrek". Here you will enjoy the captivating narrative of storytelling along with a 4-D ride. There are dramatic effects that you are sure to enjoy. You will get to see Dreamworks Animation. It will be a chance to meet favourite Shrek characters during your tour of Dream Works. There are magic mirror maze, smelly swamp, spells of magic, and the game show.

  • Madame Tussauds London

At Madame Tussauds London, you can walk down the red carpet. There are wax statues of famous personalities you can photograph with. You may have an audience with the Queen and the Duke. You can step on stage with the iconic persons while the music plays on. If you wish, you can enjoy yourself with the Marvel Super Heroes that are in 4D movie format. You can meet the heroes of Star Wars. If you want, you can see the behind-the-scenes making of the sculptures created by the artists. Riding a black cab, you will enjoy a memorable ride in London. Madame Tussauds is located on Marylebone Road, West of London. The nearest stations are Baker Street Tube Station and Marylebone Station.

  • Windsor Castle

It is one of the oldest castles in London or the world. It is a royal home and also a fortress that is more than 900 years old. Also, there are magnificent state apartments. You may view Van Dyck paintings. You should not miss Queen Mary’s Doll House. It is the largest in the world. You can visit St George’s Chapel.

  • Open-Top Bus Tour London

A ride in the open-top bus will let you see some of the iconic places in London. You may spot Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and the Tower of London right from the bus. You will hear fascinating stories about London and its structures from the guide. The bus ride is two hours long and goes non-stop. It is not like hop-on buses.

You can enjoy a tour that is a private one in an open-top bus. There is an audio guide on the bus as well.

  • Kensington Palace

The palace is of secret stories about the influence of royal women. Even while you make your way through the apartments of the King and the Queen you relive the life of a courtier from the 18th Century. There is a room where Queen Victoria lived while she was a child. There is an exhibition on Queen Victoria depicting her reign as a queen, a wife, a mother, and an empress.

  • Diana Trail 

It is about Diana and her story about her fashion. It traces the lifestyle and its evolution over the years. It exhibits her early outfits that were formal down to her appearances on stage doing public performances wearing glamorous dresses showing elegance, confidence, and penchant for liberty and a new way of living. You can get to see her attire during her wedding. There is one velvet gown that you can appreciate, the gown that she wore when she danced with John Travolta.


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