MySquare Residences Neighbourhood Spotlight: Things to Do in Kensington as Locals

Want to live life in Kensington as a local? Here are some of the best places to get a glimpse into the neighbourhood lifestyle and things to do here.

Explore the Top Things to Do in Kensington for Tourists and Travellers

1. Markets and Boutiques

Kensington High Street

Kensington High Street is a prime shopping destination which encompasses several stores and upmarket boutiques for connoisseurs.

Portobello Market

The Portobello Market is another attraction, offering everything from antique jewellery and furniture to vintage clothing and several enticing bargains.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols, one of London’s most iconic departmental stores, is also located in the neighbourhood, which started life as a linen outlet in 1831. Today, you will find everything here, right from clothing and accessories to food, wine, and more.

Another landmark on Brompton Road is Harrods, one of the United Kingdom’s most famous and popular department stores. It covers more than 5 acres in retail space, offering almost everything under the sun to customers.

Housed in a charming art-deco structure, Barkers is a well-known shop for whole foods in the neighbourhood.

Andrew Nebbett Antiques

Andrew Nebbett Antiques is an iconic antique store which counts global rockstars and royalty among its massive clientele.

2. Community Events

There are innumerable community events taking place in Kensington every year. For instance, the Residents Association is organizing an Annual Christmas Tree Lighting with ECSRA event on 10th December this year. Carols, mulled wines, mince pines and other attractions will be in store for attendees.

3. Hidden Gems

Wandering along the quaint streets of Kensington may unveil several hidden gems at several strategic locations.

60 Colehearne Court was once home to Princess Diana (when she was Lady Diana Spencer) and is an elegant block of terraced flats that are worth viewing.

A meal at the Troubadour Café is a must, since it is a deli, club, art gallery, and more. It has hosted several legendary performers over the years, including Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix.

Garden Lodge is a hotspot for fans of Queen, which is where the famous frontman of the band, Freddie Mercury, spent his last few years battling AIDS and finally dying in 1991.

blue police box

The blue police box on Earls Court Road was once a phone box for officers on their beat before mobile phones or walkie-talkies came into being. Now consider its association with the ship Time and Relative Dimensions in Space or TARDIS used in Doctor Who, the popular television show.

If you’re in the mood for more, stroll to 67 Eardley Gardens, which is a charming townhouse that was once the home of famous comedy star Hattie Jacques.

These are some of the best local hangouts that will make your time in Kensington more memorable. MySquare Residences offers plush and well-equipped accommodation for a comfortable and memorable stay in the city.

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