Top Weekend Getaways from London: Part 1

When corporate travellers visit London and stay in our apartments, it is often all too easy for them to lose themselves in their work-related responsibilities. That familiar pull to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city is strong, leading many to spend a lot of their time in the office, forgetting there is a great big city – not to mention an entire country – full of exciting things to see and do. Whilst it is important to make the time to see everything London has to offer, there is a lot worth exploring outside the bounds of this busy city as well.

To help you plan those much-needed getaways, we have put together a handy guide to some of the best places to visit for a weekend trip from London and experience some of the full splendour of England and Scotland in all their glory.



This historic city also happens to be one of the most beautiful in the country; with the grandeur and antiquity obvious throughout the architecture and cityscape, a number of beautiful vistas and some exciting history to take in, Bath is certainly a city worth your time.

The main attraction in Bath is the Roman Baths. The baths themselves and some of the buildings date back thousands of years, whilst the main structure seen above ground was constructed in 1897, resulting in a truly magical marriage of cultures, history and architecture throughout the complex. Bath is also well-known for the Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent, the latter of which is the greatest example of Georgian architecture in the United Kingdom.

The location for many a Jane Austen novel not to mention the classic film Remains of the Day, you’ll perhaps even recognise some of the areas during your visit.



As the capital of Scotland, the atmospheric streets of Edinburgh hardly require an introduction. This handsome old city is well deserving of all the praise it receives – situated on the calm waters of the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh is overflowing with striking architecture, culture and history. The pride of Edinburgh is the historic fortress of Edinburgh Castle, visible from many places in the city due to its arresting position atop Castle Hill. Along with the castle, several other attractions in Edinburgh are well-known and beloved including Edinburgh Zoo, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Playhouse and the National Museum of Scotland. If you can manage, Edinburgh is best visited in August when the city comes alive with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the world’s largest arts festival.



The Cotswolds are a picturesque range of hills to the west of London. This area, officially named the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Beauty, is dotted with quaint, classically English towns and hamlets that provide visitors with several beautiful destinations in which to enjoy a country escape. If you are limited with time and stuck on which town to visit, Painswick is home to the only surviving Rococo Garden in England, dating from the 18th century; the capital of the area: Cirencester, also offers much in the way of charm; and Stow on the Wold boasts outstanding views from its hilltop location.

Lake District


For one of the most unique country escapes in England, there is nowhere like the Lake District. This mountainous region in the north-west of the country is home to the deepest, longest lakes in England: Wastwater and Windermere; the highest peak in England: Scafell Pike; and indeed, all of the land in the country higher than 3000 feet. A great are of England for healthy country walks, the beauty of this national park is legendary and enjoys many positive associations with famous poets such as William Wordsworth. Charming villages and towns populate the fells of the Lakes District, providing a number of options when it comes to finding accommodation, food and drink amongst civilisation.




As one of England’s most famous seaside destinations, the peninsula of Cornwall, home to Daphne du Maurier’s classic novel Rebecca, offers an escape from the city like no other. Bordered to the north and west by the Celtic Sea and with a fantastically rugged coastline of cliffs, tourists in this area are free to not only enjoy the countryside, the great walks and picturesque towns of the area, but also a variety of watersports or simply relax by the sea. The administrative city of Truro is the only city in Cornwall and offers a number of accommodation options, though in order to really escape, travellers can also stay in one of the delightful smaller villages and towns in the area.

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