An Unforgettable Stay at MySquare Residences Kensington

Several months ago when I first heard that would be getting some apartments in Kensington I was very excited. Now I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Kensington is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in London.

But I had to put my excitement on hold, as the Residences in Kensington was a renovation project. 

After months of hard work from our interior designer, our maintenance team and our property management team, I was finally able to stay over for the first time recently. 

And it was worth the wait. I jumped at the chance to test out these properties.

Kensington is an ultra-stylish area. I love the traditional terraced houses that sit so effortlessly next to the more contemporary buildings: it is a real fusion of history with the modern face of London. 

Before I could get settled into the apartment, I had to do some food shopping. Thankfully, there is perhaps the biggest Tesco in London around 10 minutes walk away from the property.

It was so big I feel you could spend a day there and still not cover all the ground. Following half an hour of searching, I was able to secure some bits and pieces for dinner.

After a chilly and brisk walk to the address, I punched in the code to the Smart Lock to be greeted by a warm gush of air as I entered the building. 

My first thought when entering our new Kensington serviced apartments was that we have really managed to deliver apartments that reflect the vibrancy and style of the area. The bright colour palette really stands out and contrasts brilliantly with the hushed tones of the exterior of the property. 

Due to the dawdling in Tesco, time was getting on so it was time to start cooking. 

I was impressed by how well equipped the apartment was - dare I say it was more well equipped than my own kitchen. The apartment featured a microwave, oven, grill, toaster, block of knives and countless pots and pans. This really made cooking an enjoyable experience. 

I made burgers, by the way.

Once I had finished eating, I went to visit my colleague’s cat, Merlinda,  she took her cat on a trip across London to stay in these pet-friendly apartments. Merlinda didn’t like me too much, so it was straight back to my apartment to get settled in for the evening.

After scrolling Netflix and Amazon Prime for a while on the smart TV, I settled into watching a movie.

Despite being close to Kensington’s busy streets, it was incredibly quiet in the apartment which, along with the super comfortable mattress and blackout blinds, made for a great night’s sleep.

When you stay in a new place, you’ve gotta log something on the Strava. So, after waking up bright and early, I had a coffee courtesy of the Nespresso machine and a banana before I was on my way. As a football fan, I couldn’t resist the urge to jog to Fulham’s Craven Cottage, looping back around to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge before getting back to the apartment for a cheeky 7km. 

After taking a shower, I cooked some eggs on toast, had another coffee and was set up for the day. A short five-minute walk to Earls Court Station before the Piccadilly Line took me to the office.

My expectations were high. But the Residences in Kensington deliver a truly memorable experience for guests. Although my stay was only one night, I could really envision living here for a long stay. 

If you would like to be one of the first people to stay at Residences Kensington, visit our website here.

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