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What to do in Paris? A guide to all seasons

Paris is a year round destination whatever the weather. Whether it be relaxing in front of an outdoor cinema screen in the balmy days of summer, seeking shelter in a museum during the rainy days of autumn, or perusing a Christmas market during those cold, dark December evenings, deciding what to do in Paris is never going to be a problem.

Find your ideal serviced apartments in Paris from, by using this guide depending on the season you arrive.


The Eiffel Tower

This is really the best time to see this iconic landmark. During wintertime the tower that dominates Paris is often lost in fog, but during springtime it more often than not stands proud agains a bright blue sky. If it looks good from the bottom, imagine how crisp and clear the views look from the top?

Eiffel Tower in Night

Café Culture

Every season is a good one to sit outside one of Paris’ thousands of coffee shops and watch the world go by. Even wintertime, when you can snuggle up under an outdoor heater.

In Spring, however, the outdoor heaters get put away, making room for more rows of tightly arranged chairs. Day or night, these are the best places to watch Paris as it was meant to be seen, rushing by in front of you as you relax with a beverage.

Palace of Versailles

To really appreciate the wonder of this in full, you must explore the opulence of the gardens as well as the palace itself. Summer is too hot, autumn is too wet, winter is too cold but Spring is just about right!



Literally translated as the Paris Beaches. Every year from July to September the seaside comes to Paris, with 3,500 tonnes of sand, along with parasols, deckchairs and palm trees. Not only is it a beach, it’s a cinema and sports resort too. Well worth a visit.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

As with any city centre in summer, Paris is hot, sometimes uncomfortably so. You’re going to need to find somewhere to cool off. Fortunately Paris has a number of places offering al fresco swimming. Some of these beautiful locations are only open in the summer months, so make the most of it!

City Centre Paris

Flea Markets

These are legendary in Paris and there is no better time to peruse them than in summer. The weather is fine, the evenings are warm so there’s plenty of time to search for that perfect thing you didn’t know you needed.

Every neighbourhood has its own flea market, so check ahead to see what’s on offer before you arrive. One thing they all have in common is the outdoor eating and drinking you can enjoy once you stop the bargain hunting!



Autumn can be wet and sometimes cold so it can be worth looking for indoor activities. An ideal indoor activity is to visit a museum or two, or three… If there’s one thing that Paris isn’t short of it’s museums.

Museums are packed during the summer holiday months but tend to be a little quieter in the autumn. The Louvre is always packed during the day but is open late nights on some autumn evenings, check out which ones and give it a go.

The Catacombs

Halloween is in autumn, what better time to visit the creepy catacombs of Paris? There are 175 miles of old mining tunnels under Paris and in the eighteenth century, due to the lack of cemetery space, it was decided to dig up bodies and put them here. There are real (life) skeletons everywhere as well as statues and urns you’d expect to see in an old horror movie. Enjoy!

Cafe in Paris

River Cruise

Having the option to pop out on deck before coming in to warm up again is great in autumn. A river cruise down the Seine is worthwhile at any time but in autumn, when the nights are drawing in, it’s great to see all the lights along the banks. You can enjoy a champagne cruise, a dinner cruise or even a night bike ride and then a cruise, to name just three options.


Ice skating

Paris loves an outdoor skating rink at this time of year so it won’t be hard to find one. The rink at Hotel De Ville is one of the largest and most spectacular, set in front of the city’s beautiful city hall. In previous years you have also been able to skate at the bottom and halfway up the Eiffel Tower itself!

Christmas Market

The best traditional Christmas markets outside of Germany itself can be found in Paris. If you’re after stocking fillers, decorations or last minute gifts then one of the little wooden chalets is bound to have what you’re looking for.

If you just want to fill up on crêpes, hot chocolate and sausages then you’re in luck too!

Christmas Market in Paris

Vin Chaud

France is the unofficial capital of old world wine, sampling wine in Paris is almost compulsory. In winter Parisiennes go mad for ‘hot wine’ or mulled wine as most of us know it.

Enjoy it in a café or use it to warm you up as you stroll through the wondrous festive magic of Paris.

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