‘Where to go’ and ‘What to do’ in Madison Avenue!

One of the most prominent avenues in the whole of America, The Madison Avenue runs North-to-South in the Manhattan district of New York City.  A 6-mile long avenue, it runs from Madison Square to Harlem River Drive, crossing through numerous popular neighborhoods like Midtown, East Harlem, Upper East Side, and Harlem itself. Named after the fourth President of the United States of America-James Madison, this avenue has gained immense popularity owing to the advent of the ‘Madison Avenue Advertising World’. Home to some of the best sights and landmarks, High-end shopping outlets, Gourmet restaurants, Museums, Madison Avenue undoubtedly is one of the best neighborhoods to visit in New York City. Make sure to check out our numerous options of Service apartments in Madison Avenue. Let’s see where you can go and What you can do in here, Shall we?

Madison Avenue

Landmarks and Museums :- Madison Avenue is lined with numerous famous landmarks which attract a large number of tourists, travelers and locals. Most of our Short term stays in Madison Avenue are located quite centrally to these landmarks.  Some of the most prominent landmarks here are the:

Madison Square Garden– Located at the south-end of the avenue, this is the melting pot of all performing arts events, concerts, sporting events in New York city. Be on the lookout for the events being held at Madison Square Garden while you visit, and you might just be lucky to catch Billy Joel singing live, go to a Knicks game or witness an exhilarating match at the World Championship Boxing events being held there!

madison square garden

Grand Central Station: An architectural marvel that stands on the 42nd street, a block away from Madison Avenue, is the ‘Grand Central Station’. Considered to be the hub of transportation in New York City, this station is much more than just that. Witness the intricate and spellbinding painted ceiling of the station, which pictures the universe.

Grand central station

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Conveniently located by the Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses an exquisite collection of paintings, artefacts and art-installations. The museum houses some of the best works of American-Modern Art, Contemporary Art, and world-renowned photographs

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Empire State Building: Located in the neighborhood of Midtown, between the 33rd and 34th streets, the world-renowned ‘Empire State Building’ is a must-visit landmark in New York City. A 102-story high skyscraper, it is the 5th tallest building in America, which offers some of the most picturesque views of the famous ‘Manhattan Skyline’. Standing tall as the most prominent cultural icon of America, make sure to visit the 102nd floor known as the ‘Top Deck’ for a grand view of Manhattan and New York City.

Empire State Building

Central Park: One of the most iconic parks in the world, the urban ‘Central Park’ attracts a massive number of visitors every year and is also the most filmed location in the whole of America. Awarded the status of a ‘National Historic Landmark’ in 1962, the park sprawls across 843 acres of open space, dotted with numerous sculptures like the ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’ and ‘Angel of the Waters’;a conservatory garden, Seven artificial lakes and ponds, frequent theatres and an approximate 25,000 trees! You know, you just cannot miss this!

Central Park New York

Shopping and Restaurants:

Fifth Avenue: Stretching from Lower Manhattan to Harlem, The Fifth Avenue is said to be one of the ‘most expensive’ street on earth, because of the countless high-end flagship outlets of the world’s most renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Omega, Versace and many more. Make sure to take out some time out of your business or leisure trip to spend some dollar bills in here, shopping from the best brand outlets in the world. Not only clothes, but elegant jewelry, Home Décor, Sports, Gadgets, Bookstores and a variety of other outlets will make you want to stay just a little longer. We offer some amazing options of two and three bedroom Service apartments on Fifth Avenue, Make sure to look through them!

Shopping in Fifth Avenue

Top-notch Restaurants: After your shopping extravaganza at Fifth Avenue, dress up and head for a dinner-date at some of the best restaurants located right here in Madison Avenue. Some of the best gourmet restaurants and bars at Madison Avenue are: ‘A Voce’- the renowned Italian restaurant; ‘Blue Smoke’- a BBQ Joint which offers lip-smacking burgers, and steaks; ‘Dos Caminos’- the fabulous Mexican restaurant, and ‘230th Fifth Rooftop Lounge’ for an evening of drinks coupled with a great open-view!

restaurants in fifth avenue


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