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Where to Stay in Hong Kong [Best Place to Stay in 2021]

Hong Kong presents few fears for the foreign visitor, even for a a first timer. It has a booming economy, well developed infrastructure, a modern transport system and a thoroughly diverse culture which welcomes everybody.

However, it’s a fact that this is the fourth most densely populated place in the world and if you’re trying to figure out best places to stay in Hong Kong first time the sheer volume of choice can present a problem.

Best Place to Stay in Hong Kong
Best Place to Stay in Hong Kong

The following is a guide to some of the popular neighborhoods in the city and should enable you to decide where to stay in Hong Kong as a tourist and corporate travelers.

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Top 5 Places to Stay In Hong Kong that You Should Certainly Consider:

1. Kowloon

If you decide to stay in Kowloon then you won’t be alone. This is where nearly half of the population of Hong Kong live. If you’re coming to Hong Kong for corporate reasons then this is probably the best place for you to stay.

It has outstanding transport links to not only some of the most important business areas on the island, but also shopping areas and areas of significant cultural importance.

As you can imagine, there is a huge demand for accommodation in this area, a demand that the supply cannot always meet. Fortunately has serviced apartments in Kowloon which are ideally placed for all your needs.

2. North Point

Located on the Northeastern coast of Hong Kong, this is a much quieter area of Hong Kong with less of a corporate feel to it. If you’re looking for somewhere in the city which doesn’t feel like it’s in the city then this could be an ideal choice for you.

Despite its more tranquil feel, North Point is still a best place to stay in Hong Kong and most of other neighborhood is very well connected to the city.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants in the area and if you’re looking where to stay in Hong Kong on a budget, this could be a consideration. This is due to the number of cheaper street food outlets and the North Point Wet Market, which is a great alternative to more expensive supermarkets.

3. Happy Valley

If you’re looking where to stay in Hong Kong Island and you’d like to live in a place that makes you feel good then what better place than Happy Valley, the clue’s right there in the name!

This is an upmarket area of Hong Kong and where many of the city’s elite have decided to make their home. The are has lots of open green spaces which are a nice contrast to the many high rise buildings that are also located here. The latter also means that accommodation is not in short supply.

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There are plenty of upmarket restaurants in the area, which is dominated by one of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions, the Happy Valley Racecourse. If you decide to move to Happy Valley, ensure to keep your Wednesday nights free!

Hong Kong Skyline View from Victoria Peak
Hong Kong Skyline View from Victoria Peak

4. Causeway Bay

If you love to shop then you’ve found your perfect destination. Causeway Bay is the mecca for Hong Kong’s discerning retail enthusiasts. For a start it’s the home of the largest shopping centre in Hong Kong, Times Square.

This is where the world’s major fashion brands have their Hong Kong bases and you’ll find them nestled amongst some of the finest restaurants in the city, as well as the most popular entertainment venues.

You’ll need to earn the money in order to shop at your leisure, of course. But fortunately Causeway Bay is ideally located near to some of the most important business hubs on the island.

5. Wan Chai

If you like to experience the traditional aspects of a city when you stay there and appreciate its culture and history, Wan Chai is a best place to stay in Hong Kong.

Traditional architecture can be seen everywhere and restaurants and bars have more of a laid back, local feel, with none of the sometimes clinical feeling corporate touch. This is a place where you can still peruse the traditional markets of the island.

Despite the older buildings here, Wan Chai hasn’t been left behind in terms of development. It is still a metropolitan area and more recent constructions have included apartments buildings, which makes it fairly easy to find long term accommodation here.

It also remains well connected by public transport and the central of Hong Kong is less than a 20 minute journey away.

The Wai Chai ferry is used by locals to get across the harbour but is also a popular attraction for tourists and visitors too. Not just as a mode of transport but also the fabulous views of Hong Kong City it gives you. A great picture for you to send home.

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