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Virginia Water Lake

Outside Bracknell is this enormously popular retreat of woodland. Originally a royal pleasure ground, it is now open for the public to enjoy at their leisure. Waterfalls, ancient monuments and long woodland paths are all yours to trek, explore and observe. Needing a place to relax and gather your thoughts? Here it is.

Fort Belvedere

This glorious Grade II listed country house on Shrubs Hill in Windsor Park is full of history and tranquility. Originally occupied and renovated by the future Edward VIII, this is where the King signed his abdication in 1936. A glory to witness, it now occupied by the Canadian businessman Galen Weston, the former Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario

Caesar's Camp Bracknell Forest

This Iron Age hill fort is over 2,400 years old and is a wonder to behold for historians and travellers to the local area. While it is obviously in ruins (what would you expect?) some parts of the fort have been cleared by some trees to display more of its ancient disposition.

Ascot Racecourse

The most fancy day out is the Royal Ascot. While this only happens once a year, you can still enjoy other fixtures and events at the Ascot Racecourse. Dress your best to truly fit in and place your bets on a winner.

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