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The British city of Bristol is a premier destination for travellers given its cultural attractions, stunning countryside, rich heritage and historic architecture. Its harbour is an important centre for trade and commerce, while the very heart of the sprawling city draws students and tourists alike. To accommodate the constant crowds, the city offers a variety of living spaces ranging from a boutique townhouse to luxury apartment complexes. 

For the most comfortable and indulgent stay in Bristol, the catalogue of serviced apartments offered by meets premium standards and global demands. Offering unparallel experiences, every apartment goes through a vigorous exacting criterion keeping in perspective the location, amenities in the neighbourhood and access to public transport. 

The following serviced apartments offer a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Every apartment is tastefully designed and completely furnished. Additional amenities such as a flat screen, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, a kitchen, and multipurpose recreation space are provided across multiple locations. 

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Temple meads station
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Apartment Types: Studio |1 Bed |2 Bed
Belgrave road
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Beech House
from $117/night
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2 Nights
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Apartment Types: 2 Bed
Filton abbey wood
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Filton House
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Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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2 Nights
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Apartment Types: Studio |1 Bed |2 Bed
Clifton down station
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Cotham Lawn
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Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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Apartment Types: 1 Bed |2 Bed
Bristol bus station
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Hamilton Court
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Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Keeping up with the constant bustle of the city, serviced apartments offer bespoke living spaces for short and long term business or leisure travellers. The rising trend of opting for serviced accommodation in place of conventional lodging has gripped the city of Bristol.

The range of benefits offered by serviced accommodation exceeds far beyond a comfortable apartment with necessary utilities. Legal and contractual affairs involving the deposit, maintenance cost, agency fees and payments are handled separately ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

Long term contractual guests end up saving a lot more opposed to typical renting institutions. Furthermore, every space is meticulously planned to be in close proximity to major transit hubs of Bristol and even popular landmarks and attractions. 

Serviced apartments often provide a small recreational space within every apartment to cater to diverse clientele requirements. Offering the best in class, this form of accommodation is gaining traction among business travellers and students. 

Corporate Accommodation in Bristol

Bristol has a wealth of heritage in trade and commerce over the centuries, which has gradually contributed to the transformation of the area into a leading business metropolis of the UK. This has led to an influx of entrepreneurs and industrialists travelling to the city seeking optimal quarters. 

Corporate accommodation is emerging as a popular choice for such travellers. In contrast to a mundane hotel or lodge, corporate accommodation factors in several needs, including a remote yet accessible location, a space to turn into a mini-conference room, high speed internet, and an equipped kitchen. Most of all every apartment is cosy and inviting offering a chance to unwind after a long day's work.

Holiday Accommodation in Bristol

Bristol’s rich heritage and eventful history have led to the rise of a homogenous culture of bars, brews, museums, galleries, markets and cuisine. A charm of its own, tourists flock year-round through popular destinations such as Bristol Harbour, Millennium Square, Clifton Suspension Bridge, etc. 

Holiday travellers will come across a plethora of convenient lodging options to choose from. To elevate the holiday experience, opting from the range of serviced apartments offered by is the way to go. Leisure travellers will find every apartment desirable and tailored to their specific needs across multiple areas of Bristol. 

Where to Stay in Bristol

Despite the port city being largely accessible and catered to diverse needs across all its areas, there are things to consider. With its border often overlapping neighbouring areas, Bristol’s borders aren’t rigidly defined. The city is systematically divided into unofficial neighbourhoods, council wards and Parliamentary Constituencies. 

First-time visitors can choose to stay at the Old City, amidst its twisting cobblestone lanes which lead to several famous landmarks. This area captures the traditional charming vibe the city evolved from. 

The Bristol City Centre is littered with great places to stay for business travellers. Towards the west of the city centre, the upscale neighbourhood of Clifton provides a perfect haven after a vigorous day of work. Situated far enough yet close to the bustle of the city, the quiet district is naturally picturesque with steep stone peaks and Georgian architecture. 

To stay in the city without breaking the bank, Harbourside is a buzzing neighbourhood located towards the southern part of the city centre. Towards the east lies the bohemian neighbourhood of Old Market which has a thriving nightlife culture.

The area of Stokes Croft is often referred to as the cultural quarter of Bristol, drawing in diverse crowds and offering a galore of unique accommodation. 

Facts About Bristol

Located 120 miles west of London, the city of Bristol is incredibly diverse and vibrant. Often referred to as the university city of the south-west, its multicultural roots and buzzing atmosphere equates to its daily bustle. With more than 450,000 inhabitants from several backgrounds, there are people from over 45 unique religions resulting in more than 91 languages spoken across the region.

  • Legend says that a Bristolian man named Edward Blanket was the first person to invent blankets.
  • The character of Darth Vader from the original Star Wars trilogy was played by David Prowse who was a Bristolian. 
  • The pirate Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach was from Bristol.
  • Close to 25% of all nature documentaries around the world have had productions in Bristol.
  • Up until 1840, Bristol had its own time zone which was later standardized with the inception of trains. 

Historically the city has been a centre for trade and commerce which has contributed significantly to its current prosperity. With a larger employment rate in retrospect to other core cities of the UK, Bristol alone contributed £14.20bn to the economy of the UK in 2017. 

The Bristol Airport located at Lulsgate Bottom serves as the primary airport for its inhabitants. Handling more than 8.5 million passengers in 2018, the airport was ranked as the ninth busiest in the UK. It is only 9 miles away from the city centre. The next closest airport is in Gloucester followed by Cardiff which are both 42 and 57 miles away respectively. 

Cost of Living in Bristol

With an abundance of indulgent lifestyle choices and luxury accommodation, travelling to Bristol can often be inadvertently costly. A general single bedroom apartment could cost upwards of £750 in the city centre, whereas a similar facility in other areas could be available at £500 relatively. 

It is wise to opt for serviced apartments in place of traditional renting options to avoid unnecessary expenditure and save in the long term. The catalogue of luxury serviced apartments offered by is a great place to start. 

A range of ethnic cultures combines for some diverse palates with flexibly priced menus. Dinner for two can average around £30 in neighbourhood restaurants and pubs. An evening at the cinema for a couple may cost upwards of £20. Public transit options are abundant with monthly expenditure averaging £70. 

Tips for Visiting Bristol

The city itself is bold, alternative and resolute in its historical heritage. It is an engaging visit for first-time travellers and an exciting place to live. 

  • Most consumer needs can be met by a short walk around your neighbourhood.  
  • Low-cost rental bikes are abundantly available for daily commute. 
  • With a growing trend towards veganism try the many plant-based dining options.
  • Visit urban farms to check out regional organic products.
  • Opt for the bus instead of the train for cheaper travel. 
  • Tour on foot to discover the many scattered murals and street arts.
  • Don’t settle at a single pub or bar; the joint across may be having a party. 
  • Despite being only a couple of hours away from London by train, money can go a lot longer in Bristol.

Things to Do in Bristol

With a myriad of heritage and historical sites to choose from, there is something for every personality in Bristol. 

Q. What are some romantic things to do in Bristol?

While there is no shortage on upscale dining and leisure ferry rides, for something a little offbeat, couples can head to the Cabot Tower at Brandon Hill. This structure standing tall at 105 feet was erected in 1897 and allows anybody to climb all the way up to its spiral staircase to the very top. Enjoy panoramic shots of the city and harbourside, while re-enacting scenes from Rapunzel or Romeo and Juliet. 

Q. What are some free things to do in Bristol?

An abundance of green parks and nature trails, Clifton Downs is a go-to choice. This nature park is an expanse of open greens amidst lush trees under a canopy of infinite stars. With no skyscrapers obstructing the view and no light pollution, planning a picnic here will leave anybody spellbound. 

Q. What are some kid-friendly things to do in Bristol?

If travelling with children, head to Millennium Square particularly on a sunny day for a family outing. The large water feature is an instant hit with kids, as paddling and splashing is encouraged. There are several cafes and pubs in the vicinity to grab a quick bite. Similar kid-friendly facilities can be found at Oldbury Common and Snuff Mills. 

Q. What are some fun things to do in Bristol at night?

The city boasts a pulsating nightlife with an abundance of daily gigs and underground musicians performing alternative and minimal electronic music. Walk into any bar or pub to check out a local stand up act or even a magician performing. Speakeasies are also quietly growing in trend with newer joints opening up regularly. 

Q. What are some unique things to in Bristol?

In the very heart of the city, lies Arnos Vale which is essentially a natural burial ground transformed into a woodland nature reserve. This 45-acre property is no traditional cemetery; instead, there are several self-guided tours to embark on through the many walking trails. Complete with a plethora of colourful flowers, giant Victorian headstones and even a café and gift shop- there is more than meets the eye.

Places to Visit in Bristol

Traces of ancient Roman villas and forts can be found in the countryside of Bristol. Explore the cities past and celebrate its present at the following places.

  • Bristol Harbour - Situated on the Avon River, the once traditional floating harbour is now a contemporary culture gallery.
  • St. Mary Redcliffe - This baroque style church has been standing since the 13th century. 
  • Cheddar George - Don’t forget hiking gear since it is required to manoeuvre through its many caverns and cliffs.
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery - Dinosaur fossils, ancient gemstones, oriental artistry, traditional pottery, Egyptian mummies and a lot more to check out.
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge - Climb atop the Clifton Observatory for spectacular images of the bridge and the horizon.
  • Llandoger Trow - This iconic building is where the tale for Robinson Crusoe was first told.
  • Brunel’s SS Great Britain -  Explore the world's first ever iron-hulled passenger vessel. 
  • M Shed - This museum in the city centre is a treasure trove of artefacts and memorabilia. 
  • Mud Doc - This rustic and laid back vibe at this harbour presents a perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals. 
  • We the Curious - This kid-friendly science museum has over 300 exhibits and an active science team performing immersive shows and tours. 

Places to Eat in Bristol

Bar snacks, burgers or a full-on brunch, the many establishments in the city ensure a delectable dining experience. 

  • Bravas - This tapas resto-bar serves authentic Spanish food and even ships all its ingredients from farms in Spain.
  • Kask - Serving regional British cuisine its speciality lies in it numerous tap dispensed wine offering. 
  • Bokam - Close to Stokes Croft, this Korean restaurant is a pocket-friendly destination.
  • Poco - Locally sourced sustainability is the motto of this establishment which is reflected in its eco-friendly cuisine.
  • Marmo - A casual dining experience with indigenous Italian roots across its menu.
  • Little French - This family diner is located in the residential area of Westbury Park and offers diverse gastronomy.
  • The Ethicurean - This bucolic delight offers an experience beyond traditional dining by including mesmeric scenery and scenic strolls. 
  • Rosemarino - Seasonally cooked Italian delights with a coveted vegetarian menu.
  • Casamia - Best reserved for special occasions, this ambitious restaurant has a set menu that only changes seasonally. 
  • Souk Kitchen -  A great destination for brunch, the food is a fusion of European and Middle Eastern flavours.
  • Thali - This pocket-friendly Indian diner is an instant hit with vegans. 

Street Food in Bristol

Street markets and food stalls are a common sight in Bristol. Every week people flock to the Tobacco Factory Sunday Market to chow down on delicious street food from a multitude of culinary influences. Popular stalls to visit include:

  • Ah-Ma’s Dumplings
  • Dawson’s Bakery
  • Farro Bakery
  • For Mice & Men
  • Little Hollows

Other busy weekly markets can be found at multiple locations in Harbourside. Finzels Reach and Temple Quay markets set shop at both Tobacco Factory and Harbourside. A number of stalls offer pocket-friendly street food such as Alp Mac, Brother Thai, Los Hermanos and Good Food & Co.

Shopping in Bristol

Locally catered designer shops offer fast fashion attire from around the globe. Open markets and one-stop shop malls are spread throughout Bristol. 

Rows of posh boutiques are embedded all over Regency street in Clifton Village. Vintage style accessories and fashion is all the rage at the several alternative shops of Stokes Croft. Europe’s longest row of independent shops in a large urban market can be found at Gloucester Road.

Markets and streets to shop for the most iconic designer wear and accessories in Bristol also include:

  • Whapping Wharf
  • Somerset
  • Bristol Shopping Quarter
  • Park Street

Look out for Harbourside Market, St. Nicholas Market, Kilver Court Designer Village, Old Market and Christmas Steps Arts Quarter for a chance to shop at the trendiest spots.

Transportation in Bristol

There are a number of transit options around the city. Travelling by a rented car is a great idea due to the several Park and Ride services present throughout.  

Busses are another popular transit option due to their lower cost and connectivity across key locations. The Metrobus operating in the greater Bristol area offers faster and frequent services. It is even equipped with free Wi-Fi, USB sockets and practices buying your ticket before you board. This environmental-friendly initiative helps contribute to sustainable economic growth. 

Situated at the centre of western England, Bristol intersects with the national rail network. As a result, it has robust rail connectivity to the rest of the country. The GWR Freedom Travel Pass enables free travel across all trains and select busses. Important stations that Bristol connects to include:

  • Bristol Parkway 
  • Great Western 
  • Bristol Temple Meads 

Travelling by boat is also common, particularly across waterfront attractions and along the harbourside. Scheduled ferry services and even chartered hire trips are abundantly available. 

Weather in Bristol

Lying 19m above sea level, the climatic conditions in Bristol can be classified as temperate and warm. Periodic heavy showers are the theme throughout the year with November being the wettest month of the year with an average rainfall of 100mm. Even in the dry months, unexpected rain is never a surprise.

The summertime is rather pleasant with clouds streaking in the sky making it in an optimal time to visit. Bristol in July is the hottest all year with temperatures averaging around 18 degree Celsius. Consequently, the coldest time of the year is generally in the month of February where days are long, windy and partially cloudy. The temperature at this time can fluctuate around 5 degree Celsius. The optimal time to plan a trip to Bristol is through the months of June to September when the temperature is relatively warm and sunny.

FAQs - Things to Know before booking Serviced Apartments in Bristol

Q1. How many serviced apartments are available for booking in Bristol?

A1. There are over 29 serviced apartments in Bristol with more being added every day. In total, has over 100,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book now

Q2. What are the most popular luxury serviced apartments in Bristol?

A2. The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in Bristol are Bristol - Broad Quay, Bristol - West India House, Beech House, Filton House, Cotham Lawn.

Q3. What is the price range of serviced apartments available in Bristol?

A3. Prices start from $102 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book now

Q4. What offers are currently available for booking serviced apartments in Bristol on

A4. To see a selection of Bristol offers, please visit our offers and coupon page.

Q5. How do I search for the best serviced apartments in Bristol on

A5. Choose a part of Bristol you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here.

Q6. Do Bristol serviced apartments provide breakfast, gym & other extra services?

A6. Some of the apartment buildings in Bristol will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

Q7. Can I have guests in a Bristol serviced apartment?

A7. That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Bristol .

Q8. Why is staying in a serviced apartment in Bristol better than a hotel?

A8. Serviced apartments in Bristol have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here.

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