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What’s on in Brussels

Belgium’s capital is often seen as the gateway to wider Europe, but Brussels is also an exciting and diverse destination in its own right. Famously the de facto home of the European Union, the city attracts a wide range of visitors - from business and political travellers to sightseeing tourists. Whether you are looking to experience Belgium’s unique culture, explore historic battlefields, wander round fine art galleries or simply enjoy one of Europe's most captivating places, Brussels is the perfect destination for a city break, any time of year.

Where to stay in Brussels

As a modern and thriving European capital, there’s no shortage of fantastic places to stay in Brussels. If you are planning on making an extended stay in the city, then the best option maybe to check into a serviced apartment, as these offer a greater level of privacy whilst still offering many of the features of a traditional hotel, such as room cleaning and reception services. They also offer fully-equipped kitchen facilities - which make them ideal for those staying that little bit longer and may be looking to self-cater part of their trip. The present a range of such properties - from self-contained studios to luxury apartments, each having been selected according to our exacting criteria, to ensure you get the best Brussels has to offer.

What to do in Brussels

Despite its unassuming surface, Brussels hides a wealth of activities and places to see. There are of course plenty of ‘must see’ landmarks, ranging from historic buildings to idiosyncratic statues, but the city also offers plenty  more attractions related to Belgium’s unique culture and history - not to mention its importance on the European political stage. Many first time visitors will find a walking tour is the perfect way to tick of many of these landmarks.

Brussels is also packed full of fantastic restaurants and cafes, not to mention a huge amount of bars. Beer is a big deal in Belgium and the capital offers the visitors the chance  to try many of the finest examples of the country’s most famous export - including one bar that offers some 2,000 varieties! The city is also famous for its waffles, with many street vendors and boutique shops offering unique ways of offering the classic treat with Belgium's other famous export - chocolate.

Another great thing about Brussels is its connection to wider Europe. The main railway station offers connecting services to Germany, France, Holland and Luxembourg, as well as services across Belgium. This means that, whilst there is plenty to do in Brussels itself, it is also a fantastic place from which to explore nearby other cities - many of which can be seen on a single day excursion.

Tips for staying in Brussels

Places to eat

Brussels is famous for its huge selection of great places to eat. Restaurant le Rabassier, Comme chez Soi and Alexandre Restaurant, all within close ;proximity to the Bourse district, offer some of the best fine dining experiences in the country, serving a range of traditional Belgian and French cuisine. For something a little more casual, there’s restaurants like Fin De Siecle, Publico and Bonsoir Clara, which serve traditional dishes in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Belgium’s capital has several great places to shop, all of which are conveniently located around the city centre. Anspach Shopping Brussels, Docks Bruxsel and City2 are the major shopping malls, housing several retail brands and offering other amenities, such as entertainment and places to eat. There’s also the Passage du Nord and the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, both of which offer a collection of shops and stalls selling everything from fashion goods to homewares.


Most first-time visitors to Brussels will flock to see the infamous Manneken Pis, which often has themed outfits based on contemporary events in the city. The comic-strip museum is another must see, as well as a gallery dedicated to Belgium’s most famous journalist: Tintin. he city’s incredible architecture is also an attraction within itself, with the grand-place offering picture-postcard opportunities from every corner.


Belgium features an extensive public transport network, making it extremely easy to get around the city and wider region. The train station is a major junction, making it easy to travel across Europe and to other Belgian cities of Bruges and Ghent.  A comprehensive bus network covers the city centre, but Brussels is a fairly compact city and many visitors will find the centre is easily explored on foot or by bicycle.

Local Business

Brussels' economy is largely driven by the service and public service industries. Automotive manufacturing is also a major employer, with Volkswagen, Toyota and DaimlerChrysler all having major plants in the area. International firms, such as Delhaize, Besix, Sabca also choose to operate out of Brussels, due to the city’s political and economical significance to wider Europe.

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