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What’s on in Bunbury

Over the years, Bunbury has metamorphosed from industrial port to hip young city, with an explosion of stylish boutiques, intimate wine bars and world-class restaurants, as its population gradually diversified by an influx of young entrepreneurs who injected new energy into the city. Combined with Bunbury’s existing  community, this has given the city a uniquely vibrant yet friendly and inclusive atmosphere. This is reflected in one of Bunbury’s most distinctive features - its abundance of street art, where a series of murals painted by renowned street artists have revitalised the city centre.

Where to stay in Bunbury

Bunbury has some great places to stay, from quaint hostels to international hotel chains. However, if you are planning an extended stay in the city, perhaps on a business trip, then serviced apartments may offer the best solution for your accommodation needs. Choosing a specialist short-term let means you not only get many of the benefits of a hotel, such as room cleaning and reception services, but also the added benefits of having your own private space, with dedicated secure access. Serviced apartments also come equipped with full kitchen facilities - perfect for those looking to self-cater their trip. Whether you are looking for a studio for one, large-scale corporate housing or a luxury apartment in Bunbury city-centre, the Squa.re offer a selection of the finest properties available in the city.

What to do in Bunbury

Bunbury is a great place for those who enjoy the arts - particularly the alternative scene. The city is particularly proud of its emerging reputation as a haven for young talent, with numerous galleries and exhibits popping up all over town. Whatever time of year you are planning to visit, you will find an arts festival or pop-up gallery is taking place, exhibiting local and international talent.

The city also has some great places for an evening out. As is often the case with arts-focused cities, there are many social scenes represented in Bunbury, with a plethora of bars and nightspots promoting everything from gallery cocktails to country and western dances. If you are looking for a fun and alternative night out, there can be fewer better places than Bunbury for sheer diversity.

Another major feature of the city is its location amid an abundance of both coastal and inland national parks and areas of natural beauty. Visitors flock from all over the region to explore the hiking trails and incredible coastal vistas that are within such easy reach of Bunbury city centre. However you enjoy spending your free time, Bunbury’s wealth of cultural and natural attractions are sure to keep you entertained for the duration of your trip.

Tips for staying in Bunbury

Places to eat

Bunbury has some great places to eat, with a high concentration of restaurants, cafes and bistros along Victoria Street. Funkee Monkee, Everest Inn Nepalese and Indian Cuisine Restaurant and China City Gardens are good examples of the city’s love affair with Asian cuisine, whilst those looking to sample local specialties can head to Vat2 or Basalt Restaurant & Bar, both of which offer modern Australian cuisine in a comfortable and intimate setting.


Most of Bunbury’s best shopping can be had on Victoria Street. Bunbury Centre Point is arguable the city’s largest shopping centre, with some fifty store that range from high street fashions to electronic gadgetry. The shopping centre also contains a Target department store, making it ideal for those looking to shop different items without having to travel too far.


Much of Bunbury’s charm lies in its natural landmarks and parks. Most visitors to the area look to explore the hiking trails along Back Beach and Koombana Bay, along with the Marston Hill Lookout point. There’s also Queens Gardens and PC Payne Park for those who enjoy more cultivated outdoor spaces. Alternatively, there’s Revolution Public Artwork - another open space that showcases sculptures and art installations from local talent.


Bunbury’s public transport networks and well maintained highways make it an easy place to get around. TransBunbury operates all local public transport, which is mainly comprised of bus and coach routes  covering the main urban area as well as connecting the city to neighbouring towns of Broome, Geraldton and Albany. Alternatively, those wishing to explore the wider region may wish to rent their own vehicle, as this is often a more convenient way to reach remote locations.

Local Business

Bunbury has a diverse economy that largely revolves around heavy and general industries, mining, and agriculture. The city’s growing population has also seen a surge in the number of  public and financial services firms operating locally, such as AMP Bunbury, Rando & Associates, and Macgill Financial Services. Tourism is also becoming an increasingly important contributor to local GDP, with numerous tour and activities firms expanding to meet the city’s growing demand.

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