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Top Furnished Apartments For Rent in Cape Town

Cape Town is a well-liked tourist destination for travellers from all over the world because of its fame for its sun, sea, and landscape. Thus, it should come as no surprise that this seaside paradise has consistently been chosen as the best city in the world. In turn, this also means that finding serviced apartments in Cape Town are a job easier said than done. 

With a population of 4.7 million and a booming business environment, the influx of expats and international travellers makes it even harder to gain access to the accommodation at times. 

To address this challenge faced by travellers we bring you the best luxury apartments to rent in Cape Town.

Considering apartments is a good option since there are many economical yet opulent apartments that are perfect for international travellers and we strive to bring you the best for your convenience. 

10 Best Furnished Apartments in Cape Town

We have thoughtfully curated our offerings to suit your travel needs. The apartments are situated in prime locations around the city with the best connectivity. Each serviced apartment in Cape Town is unique and comes with different layouts, amenities, and key locations as well as being close to many alternative recreational options; all aimed to make your extended stay in Cape Town a memorable one. Thus, each of our accommodations is priced accordingly and is here to meet your unique travel itinerary. We provide flexible booking facilities with minimal to no penalty for prompt changes to your plans.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Serviced Apartments in Cape Town:

  1. Orange Street Apartment
  2. Chiappini Street Apartments
  3. The Meadows Apartment
  4. Van Kamp Street Apartment
  5. Hely Hutchinson Avenue Villa
  6. Ottawa Road Apartment
  7. Green Point Apartment
  8. Burg Street Apartment
  9. Argyle Street Apartment
  10. Towers Knightsbridge Apartment

The best and most affordable place for working professionals to stay is in one of our single-bed accommodations in one of the city's major commercial areas. We provide a variety of bedroom apartments with all the requirements, such as vehicle rental services, in-room kitchens and dining, and housekeeping services on call. The same also can accommodate big families for a fraction of the cost you would have to spend in a hotel. This is the biggest advantage of choosing serviced apartments in Cape Town. 

Benefits of Booking Serviced Apartments in Cape Town

Our Cape Town luxury apartments in provide a warm welcome. Like a home away from home, a serviced apartment. The kitchen and a host of additional amenities are at your disposal. A key distinction between a letting room in a hotel and a serviced apartment is that the latter has more flexible facilities than standard hotel rooms, such as a leisure area, pantry, kitchen, Wi-Fi connection, bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher, and regular housekeeping services. Moreover, this is at a much lower cost than if you opt for the same facilities in hotel accommodation. 

Considering Corporate Housing in this city, the apartments come with additional facilities that are handy for the business traveller. At selected locations, you may find service apartments that come with a designated work area with all the necessary furnishing and equipment to help you get your work done remotely making them ideal for solo business travellers or a family group alike.

Moreover, a serviced apartment will cost you far less than the alternative, especially for extended periods. Serviced apartments often cost 30 to 50 % less than traditional hotels. We have no additional fees; prices include weekly maintenance, utilities, property tax, and property management costs. It also includes Internet Service. Service chambers are frequently more affordable than hotels, and the costs typically diminish the longer you stay. Making them perfect for long and extended stays in Cape town with the most convenience and value for money.

Corporate Housing in Cape Town

With our Corporate housing in Cape Town to rent, we strive to provide you access to the best residential areas in the city with a variety of recreational opportunities. We also provide apartments with all the amenities you'll need to work remotely, like a work table, unrestricted access to Wi-Fi, charging outlets, and more, that are especially suited for office employees or people who are searching for housing for business purposes. 

ROOMS & SUITES in Cape Town

Our luxury apartments to rent in Cape Town provide a warm welcome. You will find numerous options available. These include the following: 

There are apartments available for every need in the city. Like a home away from home, a serviced apartment. The kitchen and a host of additional amenities are at your disposal. A key distinction between a letting room in a hotel and a serviced apartment is that the latter has more flexible facilities than standard hotel rooms, such as a leisure area, pantry, kitchen, Wi-Fi connection, bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher, and regular housekeeping services. Moreover, at a much lower cost than if you opt for the same facilities in a hotel accommodation. 

Why Choose A Cape Town Serviced Apartments for Rent?

Cape Town serviced apartments for rent are completely equipped rental flats which offer the most facilities possible. Most of the properties provide amenities like centralised air conditioning, fully equipped gyms, rooftop patios, and balcony gardens. Concierge services and spacious parking spots are also available in the high-end units. With security and adaptability added to the mix, our apartments are specifically made to surround you in sheer extravagance and luxury. Take advantage of prime residential areas that are close to the city's leading attractions.

The fully equipped rentals are spacious while still maintaining the contemporary practicality that visitors truly value. The flat-screen television, kitchen, bathroom, and bed are all present to give you that homely feel while you stay in the service apartments. A wide range of extra facilities is also offered, such as on-demand car rental, cleaning services, and concierge services at our sought-after locations. The flexible books and the ability to make prompt changes in your itinerary will give you the convenience you need without the hassle. From corporate housing in city to other options for leisure travellers, everything is at hand for visitors. 

Where to Stay in Cape Town

There are several tourist-friendly places in Cape Town. The suburbs of the Cape Peninsula, such as Bakoven, Camps Bay, Clifton, and Fresnaye, are typically safe areas to stay in a luxury apartment or beach home. Modern security systems are included in a lot of luxurious vacation houses. If it's your first-time visiting Cape Town, you should stay in the city centre, sometimes referred to as the "city bowl," which is surrounded by Signal Hill, Table Mountain, and the ocean. You are now within striking distance of the most famous landmarks. 

Bakoven is a wonderful bayside community while Camps Bay is another pristine neighbourhood with beachside access. Milnerton is another seaside suburban location that offers a beautiful atmosphere and several shopping centres for tourists as well. De Waterkant is a trendy sub-district within the Green Point area, offering a charmingly rustic ambience with several attractions. It is a fashionable place to stay for visitors. At the same time, Green Point is itself a wealthy suburb with several lakes, a massive park, sports and concert venues, the Cape Town Stadium, bars, restaurants, and a lovely Sea Point Promenade. Tamboerskloof is another locality that puts you right in the City  Bowl, near Signal Hill. It is known for its Victorian-style homes with lovely design motifs. It is located near Gardens, which is another premium locality containing numerous hotels, restaurants, apartments, and a lot more. 


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There are over 28 serviced apartments in Cape-Town with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

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Some of the apartment buildings in Cape-Town will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Cape-Town serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsCape-Town have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

Top Furnished Apartments For Rent in Cape Town

Cape Town

Facts About Cape Town

Cape Town is famous for its Floristic Region and major landmarks like Cape Point and Table Town. The city is culturally diverse and has a mix of cultures, people, and cuisines. It is also the Capital City and has many interesting things that attract travellers from across the world:

  1. The locals of the city, Capetonians affectionately call it the “Mother City”. It was the first metropolis in the country and was the first to start a refuelling station for the ships that were Eastbound. 
  2. The city also witnessed the first heart transplant in the world on 3rd December 1967. Christian Barnard was a surgeon who successfully performed heart surgery on a South African grocer- Lewis Washkansy aged 53-years old.  
  3. The Mother City Queer Project is the largest dressing theme party that is hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. It is held annually every December and attracts thousands of people from across the world. 
  4. In 2014, the city was awarded as being the “Best Place to Go”. 
  5. Robben Island is famous for holding political prisoners along with housing leprosy patients, and chronically and mentally ill people. Nelson Mandela was one of the famous personalities to be held captive on the island for 27 years. The Island was also used for training the British soldiers in World War II.
  6. The two rare Black-footed Penguins and the Jackass Penguin are only found on the coast of Cape Town.

Cost of Living in Cape Town

Cape Town is known as an expensive place in South Africa. Though it is much cheaper for people coming from the United States and some places in Europe. It is really difficult to know the cost of living per month, as it depends upon the lifestyle you are living. The serviced apartments consist of 2 beds, and 3 beds generally vary upon the number of people's visits in Cape Town. Generally, the service apartments are ranging from economical to luxurious. These apartments are far better than rental apartments. The service apartments connect good transport facilities along with metro, underground stations, bus stops etc. The service apartments are close to the essential corporate sectors as well as nearby to various tourist spots. The cost of living depends upon the types of livelihoods but generally, the monthly cost is about $ 250 or more as per your lifestyle.

Tips for Visiting in Cape Town

Some tips you need to consider once you are travelling to Cape Town. If you want to visit Cape Town you need to stay in a serviced apartment near the urban section of the town.  Here you can go out to suburbs like Blouberg, Muizenberg etc. The central place of the city is the best place to stay. Need to avoid the overpriced places of the city such as Camps Bay Strip, V&A waterfront is somehow overpriced and not considered as economical to stay. Before visiting the place, you need to research the local areas where you are staying. You need to keep in mind the weather conditions of Cape Town once you are visiting. Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate where summers are hot and breezy while winters are not overly cold. So any type of weather is suitable to visit. The city is safe but you need to be more alert while having some precious things with you. A number of popular dining and various beautiful spots are must-visit places.

Things to Do in Cape Town

There are many things to do while you are in Cape Town. Such as a Bus tour in the Center spot of Cape Town, visiting Table Mountain is a tick to the point, it is an iconic landmark absolutely worth your time and money. Visiting the Robben islands is a good idea. It is a historical place where you can find the Prison Museum. The neighbourhood markets are also needed to visit along with Woodstock Street art, the Monkeys is a place where local women are working on traditional beadwork, Boulders Beach, and many more to go and do when you are in Cape Town.

Places to Visit in Cape Town

There are ample places in Cape Town that are considered Tourist spots to visit. There are many places to visit such as Table Mountain, one of the most scenic places to visit. Over there you can head for hiking excited trips along with experiencing the breathtaking views of the valley. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, another beautiful place in Cape Town has a renowned tourist spot that tourists visit throughout the year. The Garden comprises the flora which can only be seen in Cape Town, considered the most attractive place for nature lovers. The Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches are white sandy beaches that both foreigners and natives visit. The area is a good spot for volleyball playing. Victoria& Alfred Waterfront is a tourist spot where you can have restaurants, bars and pubs. The place creates celebrative vibes within the city. BouldersBeach is known as the place where more than two thousand African Penguins can be seen.

Places to Eat in Cape Town

Cape Town where thousands of people from various countries can enjoy various cuisines in fine dining restaurants and hotels. Restaurants like Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia which is located on Off Constantia Main Road in Cape Town offer authentic foods with the flavours of freshly harvested herbs which added more flavour to any dish. Want to experience seafood? Pier is the best place to eat where you can find the flavours of in-house production. At the V&A Waterfront, in Waterside restaurants, you can find different types of foods along with the authentic dishes of Cape Town such as birdies, poring etc. If you want to experience authentic ramen along with other Japanese dishes you need to visit the Ramen head. The in-house imported Yamamoto noodle machine is introduced in the restaurant. Another fine dining is Salsify where you can find seasonal foods along with modern cooking utensils. 

Street Food in Cape Town

There are various street foods available in Cape Town. In the Easter Food Bazar location, there is a famous street food called Bunny Chow, made by the influence of Indian food culture. The dish is a South African dish made up of buns which are served with delicious curry. This dish is available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Gatsbyis another street food mostly famous in the Gatesville Shopping Street. Gatsby named by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a Capetonian delicacy made with large sandwich buns served with sauces, chips, lettuce and meats. Another delicious street food in Cape Town is Rice paper rolls a Vietnamese dish rolled in light and fresh rice paper filled with mincedchicken, sesame hamburger along with veggies and tofu for the vegetarians which you usually find in Cardiff Castle, corner of Main Street. Braai is another street food in Cape Town which is made with a twist in BBQ Chicken.

Shopping in Cape Town

There are many shopping places in which the Waterfront shopping town is best Cape Town over which you can find various types of electronic appliances and fashion appliances. The area is budget-friendly along with perfect shopping enthusiasm. Another shopping area in Cape Town is Cape quarter where you can find various traditional souvenirs, leather products, jewellery, clothes etc. This place also gives you dining experiences along with shopping. One of the most famous shopping spots called Gardens Shopping Centres is a place where you can experience shopping, food, and cafes which is attractive for young people. Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre is a good choice for a shopaholic person. There are a number of branded stores available along with fine dines where you can have all shopping essentials as well as food.

Transportation in Cape Town

There are many facilities to travel to Cape Town. The transportation network is broad and you can travel by renting a car for any tour plans. Renting a car is easy and affordable. This facility allows you to travel by car on your own by providing a daily basis rate. It is only possible when you are licensed and know the rules of travelling on the road. Bus Facility is another means of transport which is easy and affordable. It is the best way of transportation for people who travel daily.MY City Bus also provides a good means of transport. This is a safe and eco-friendly option for everyone. Nowadays taxi services are easy to book online, though metered taxis are best for travelling a long distance. The sightseeing buses are a very good option for travelling to the major tourist spots. It is an interesting and beautiful model of public transport in Cape Town. The Blue Route on the Southern Peninsula and the Constantia Winelands is a major draw. The Red Route through the city, including a stop at the Table Mountain Cableway, is the route defined for sightseeing buses.

Weather in Cape Town

The weather is soothing and familiar. In the months of December to February, which is the summer season, you may find it good to travel. The hot weather with a cold breeze is very pleasant for tourists. July to August is the winter season which is not favourable for vacations, although the weather is pleasant every year.