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There is no shadow of a doubt that moving to a new place could be quite enthralling. There are so many things to learn, know, and discover. Other than that, moving to a new place means building a life there. As for Cardiff, there are several opportunities in store. This Welsh capital is filled with culture, and the population is quite colourful. You will not have to question your choice twice before settling here. Cardiff is filled with natural beauty and opportunities to build you a good life. If you are considering moving along with your family, make sure to find the right accommodation for your needs. You can initially book serviced apartments Cardiff before finding permanent accommodation.

While looking for all plausible options to move, you will need to know a few facts about the Serviced Apartments Cardiff. This will help you to locate the space better and know about the neighbouring locations as well.

Some of the quality serviced apartments in Cardiff are listed below.

You need to know that all these serviced apartments are well equipped with all sorts of amenities. In addition, you will also get additional amenities like fully-equipped kitchens, high-speed Wi-Fi, and private access.

Benefits of Booking Serviced Apartments Cardiff

While you are considering moving, you must have been doing a lot of research on Serviced Apartments Cardiff. Hence you will need to know about a few benefits of booking serviced apartments.

The very first thing that comes to mind while booking a serviced apartment is the space. Staying in a serviced apartment allows you to live in a spacious area. This is something that you do not get in rented apartments. So you can get room to work and rest, with at least 30 % of extra space, which is quite standard in a serviced apartment.

You need to know that serviced apartments are cost-effective than other hospitality accommodation. Hence, if you need a place to stay, choose a serviced apartment rather than conventional rentals. Serviced apartments also come with more privacy and flexibility. You can also find great amenities here.

Serviced apartments are situated at prime locations. They can be tracked down in each significant city all throughout the world. The essential part of staying in a serviced apartment is that you will get to enjoy your free will all the time. You are free to come by and halt whenever you feel like it. The facilities that are available in a serviced apartment are nowhere near a rented apartment or a hotel. Often you will find serviced apartments with living areas and separate dining zones.

Corporate Housing in Cardiff

You can find a variety of options pertaining to serviced apartments Cardiff that fit the bill for corporate needs. There are several units that offer the space and comfort you need. You can fit groups and solo travelers into apartments with varying configurations. There is Wi-Fi and flat-screen television for entertainment and connectivity as well. Some units also come with conferencing facilities on the premises.

You will find several serviced apartments Cardiff as the best short-term rentals. These are ideal for shorter stays ranging between a week to a few days. They offer all the comforts of home and ample privacy in turn.

Holiday apartments in Cardiff

Families and leisure travelers will consider serviced apartments Cardiff for their incredible advantages over other accommodation types. They offer oodles of space for everyone and privacy alongside. They are also situated near major tourist landmarks and public transportation facilities. This makes them ideal holiday apartments for your needs.

Where to Stay in Cardiff

You can consider several popular neighbourhoods including the Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Bay, Riverside and Newtown. There is also Thornhill and Lisvane.

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Frequently asked questions

Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Cardiff

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More about Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital and the biggest city in Wales and makes up the City and County of Cardiff. Here are some interesting facts about the same:

  • It is visited by close to 18 million people annually.
  • It is the 10th highest-visited city in the UK for international tourists.
  • 9% of the local population talk in Welsh and English.
  • It was the world’s first Fair Trade capital.

Cardiff has a flourishing economy with its port, finance, business services, public administration, health and educational sectors. The Cardiff Airport is the international airport serving the area.

Cost of Living in Cardiff

A four-member family can expect anywhere around £2,274.84 per month without rentals. Individuals can expect costs of anywhere around £671.45 per month without the rent.

Tips for visiting Cardiff

Here are some handy tips for travellers:

  • There are free Wi-Fi hotspots at the city centre, Cardiff Bay and also on the Cardiff Bus.
  • Bigger stores stay open between Monday and Friday from 9 AM-8 PM and from 9 AM-7 PM on Saturdays. Sunday timings are from 11 AM to 5 PM.
  • You should drive on the left hand side of the road and wear your seatbelt compulsorily.
  • The weather is fluctuating and you should have apparel for both wet and dry conditions. Always have an umbrella and some sun cream.

Things to do in Cardiff

Here are some of the most interesting things to do in Cardiff.

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Cardiff?

You can visit Cardiff Castle or the Victorian Arcades. You can also visit the Wales Millennium Centre.

Q. What are some free things to do in Cardiff?

Some free things to do include visiting the National Museum, Pierhead Building and the Norwegian Church Arts Centre.

Q. Does Cardiff have many romantic attractions?

Some romantic attractions include the Cardiff Castle, Viola Arena for ice skating, and the Everyman Cinema.

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Cardiff?

Family-friendly activities include Treetop Adventure Golf, the Cardiff International Pool, the National Museum, and more.

Q. What are the more unusual things to do in Cardiff?

Some unusual things to do include boat trips, pottery workshops and cocktail master-classes at the Dead Canary. You can also take the Cardiff Castle Animal Walk along with dining at the Clink Restaurant.

Places to Visit in Cardiff

Here are some of the best places to visit in Cardiff:

  • Cardiff Castle – This is one of the biggest landmarks in the city centre, and will win you over with its history and monumental architecture.
  • The National History Museum at St Fagans – This is a huge open-air attraction with several historic buildings.
  • Castell Coch – A castle at Tongwynlais, it is known for its extravagant design, courtesy of William Burgess.
  • Llandaff Castle – You will enjoy exploring the ruins of Llandaff Castle which is also the Llandaff Bishop’s Palace.

Places to Eat in Cardiff

Some of the top places to eat in Cardiff include the Bigmoose Coffee Company, Empire Restaurant, and the Brodies Coffee Co. You can also check out Sushi Life, The Heathcock, and Cora.

Street Food in Cardiff

You will find several street food joints here including the Mowgli Street Food, Street Food Circus, and Sunnys Street Food.

Transportation in Cardiff

The Cardiff International Airport is the main connectivity lifeline along with the South Wales Metro. There is also the Cardiff Central railway station and the Cardiff Queen Street railway station. The M4 motorway is a good option for road travel while there is a network of Cardiff Bus, NAT Group, Stagecoach and other bus routes.

Weather in Cardiff

The summer season is mostly cool and comfortable, while winters are wet and chilly. You should visit between late June and early in September.