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Facts About Bucktown

Bucktown has a rich history of Polish, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and later Mexican immigrants that settled here and called Bucktown their home. It is most popular for its artistic vibe and a very active nightlife popular across nearby neighbourhoods.

While there is so much to see and observe here near our furnished apartments in Bucktown, you can read a bunch of facts that might intrigue you a lot right below:

  • Bucktown is a small neighbourhood spread in an area of 1.021 miles with a population of 26,964 people.
  • Whites enjoy the dominant population here followed by Latino.
  • Bucks is the word for male goats which is where the neighbourhood got its name from. A lot of goats were bred in the area.
  • It has an entire history of Polish settlers in the 1830s.
  • Kozie Prery was the initial term given to the neighbourhood.
  • Bucktown enjoys a very high population of working singles, hence the increasing demand for condos. 

Weather in Bucktown

Bucktown witnesses humid summers that even get wet quite often and the temperature ranges between 83°F and 91°F in the peak summer of July. The summer season hovers between June and September. The winters here are bitter and windy but the temperature floats anywhere above 5°F to 20°F in the peak winter of January. The winter season typically lasts between December and early March. It is cloudy all year long on average.