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When in Oldtown, relive the Victorian architecture and its effortless beauty in the most untouched form. With our furnished apartments in Oldtown, you are in for a full-fledged Chicago experience that keeps you near the local fun of the neighbourhood and the utmost comfort to welcome you back every night. With luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, elaborate kitchens, modern aesthetics at its finest, and utmost comfort and privacy to complete everything, our furnished apartment portfolio is bliss for travelers of all tastes and nationalities. 

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in Oldtown are:

Each suite offers a high-end vibe to it. A bunch of apartments from our catalogue treat you with a gorgeous lake or unique city view right across from the balcony. With a service team, concierge desk, a kitchen full of appliances and groceries, and the most comfortable and timeless master bedroom to top it all, our exclusive Chicago portfolio is here to win hearts time and again. 

Where to Stay in Oldtown

Out of all the places, New Wells Street is your best pick when in Oldtown. From comedy clubs to nightclubs, tree-lined lanes full of outdoor restaurants to shopping, this street will not allow you a single dull moment. Old Town Triangle is a great spot to be in with the famous club Second City, historical remains, The Vig, Equinox, and much more. Any abode brushing with either of these iconic spots will ensure a memorable Oldtown experience.

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More about Oldtown, Chicago

Facts About Old Town

Squeezed between Lincoln Park and North Side is this highly acclaimed historic neighbourhood of Chicago, Illinois that dates back to 1872. With immigrant settlements, gay rights, and lots of Victorian-era buildings, Old Town is one impressive place to be in.

Some of the notable facts about Oldtown in Chicago include:

  • Old Town is home to one of the 7 historic buildings, St. Michael’s Church, which survived the Great Chicago Fire.
  • The 1960s and 1970s saw Old Town as the ultimate center of Chicago Folk Music.
  • It became the first “Gay Ghetto” of Chicago with innumerable gay bars and LGBTQ-friendly surroundings. 
  • Wells Street here came to be known as “The Porno Plague" (Time Magazine) in 1976 because of the increasing sex industries here. 

Weather in Old Town

With July as the hottest and the most month and January as the coldest and the snowiest, Old Town sees the best of both worlds. The Best Places Comfort Index annually stands at a glorious 7 for Oldtown. September, May, and June are the most welcoming and comforting months here with pleasant weather. The temperatures drop to a lower of 15 degrees in cold and rise to a whopping 86 degrees during intense summers which is one of the highest across Illinois. Overall, if you pick the right month after thorough research, Old Town will treat you with its best weather ever.