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One of the most fashionable and ultra-urban neighbourhoods in Chicago, River North is a preferable destination for art-lovers and creative people. With happening nightlife, great culture, and beautiful boutiques and dine-ins, this neighbourhood has been always on top of our guests’ lists. You can find historic architecture blended with modern design and amenities, and fine arts with delicious food in River North Chicago. If you are already excited to stay in this neighbourhood, the best pick would be our furnished apartments in River North.

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in River North are:

Each of these River North Chicago apartments has an array of amenities and facilities. From comfy bed and couches to a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and high-speed WiFi connectivity, these furnished apartments in River North have it all.

Where to Stay in River North

River North is a vibrant area filled with shops, art galleries, designer boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs. No matter where you stay in River North, you will have infinite options of entertainment within walking distance. Most people like to stay on the west side of River North as the area is filled with premium condos and high-rises. If you wish to stay in a townhouse, near Lake Michigan would be apt for you. This area was a warehouse district many years ago and keeping that old charm alive there are many loft apartments available in the center of the district.

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More about River-north, Chicago

Facts About River North Chicago

Across the Kinzie Street Bridge from the Loop, River north as the name suggests is located on the North of the Chicago River. River North was known as Smokey Hollow in the 20th century as this area was filled with industries, warehouses, and manufacturing units. Later these dormant factories and warehouses were converted to workspaces for entrepreneurs and artists. Since then, River North has been known as a center of creativity, artistry, and new designs. This place is known to be one of the largest concentrations of art galleries in the U.S outside of Manhattan. 

River North was also known as a transportation hub. There were train tracks all across the city connecting every part of the neighbourhood. Today these train tracks are not visible as they are hidden under the River North’s Merchandise Mart. 

The Merchandise Mart, also known as The Mart is one of the largest commercial buildings spread across two city blocks with over 4 million square feet of floor space.

Weather in River North Chicago 

The best time to visit River North Chicago is during the spring and fall season and also early summer. The temperature is moderate during the months of April, May, September, and October. The temperature varies from 12 degrees to 21 degrees celsius during this time. However, most of the festivals happen during the summer, so you can visit during that time as well.