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Facts About The Loop

From business to food to nature and whatnot, The Loop is a dream destination when it comes to long-term stays. Our sets of furnished apartments in The Loop enjoy the benefits of the crazy popularity that this neighbourhood enjoys.

A few facts that will tell you what makes The Loop so loved are written below:

  • The Loop has been considered one of the finest neighbourhood picks for singles choosing to visit or live in Chicago.
  • Wikia Tower here is one of the most popular landmarks that goes up to 108 stories. 
  • The iconic neighbourhood covers an area of 4.092 km² with over 37,647 people calling it their home.
  • The neighbourhood is named after a very popular cable car line from the 1880s that circled the CBD.
  • It is also interchangeably known as Downtown Chicago now. 
  • The popular area is home to Chicago Bank Exchange, Chicago's Wall Street, and more.

Weather in The Loop

Like most other places in Chicago, The Loop also enjoys warm but wet summers and chilling winters. Summer activities are a bit with the Lake so consider traveling around June while winters can get windy so pack lots of caps and warmers if traveling around December.