Serviced Apartments in West Loop

Furnished Apartments in West Loop

The West Loop is a part of the Chicago Loop, a major CBD and community zone in Downtown. The West Loop is paradise for foodies with its restaurants and is a previous meat-packing district with its own Restaurant Row and a plethora of traditional joints in Greektown. It is also home to the National Hellenic Museum and Fulton Market. It goes without saying that demand is considerably high for furnished apartments in West Loop Chicago throughout the year.

Some of Our Best Furnished Apartments in West Loop are:

Each one of our West Loop furnished apartments gets the best facilities including super comfortable beds, fully equipped kitchens, vital appliances and free Wi-Fi among others. 

Where to Stay in West Loop Chicago

People usually prefer staying within the periphery of the West Loop itself for the spectacular array of restaurants and other attractions while other options include River North which is a major nightlife hub, South Loop, which has numerous museums, the posh area of Magnificent Mile and the charming Old Town nearby.

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Facts About West Loop Chicago

West Loop is sheer paradise for food lovers. It is home to Restaurant Row along Randolph Street that has some of the best and finest food joints in the city. It is also home to Greektown where there are the best traditional delis, bakeries and restaurants.

Here are some more interesting facts about West Loop:

  • West Loop houses the National Hellenic Museum, the second-oldest institution in America revolving around Greek culture. 
  • Fulton Market is a hip zone with bars, restaurants, shops and art galleries. 
  • Randolph Street Market is a great place to find antiques and vintage gear. 
  • Greek natives started settling here in the 1840s and Greektown today has traditional food, museums and other attractions. The 33 storied Arkadia Tower is one of them. 
  • Randolph Street was once the site of a major protest in 1886 by labor reformers. The Haymarket Riot influenced the U.S. labor movement and has been commemorated worldwide. 
  • Mary Bartelme Park is designed by architect Ernest Wong and takes its name from the first woman judge of the State.
  • Oprah Winfrey filmed her iconic show for 25 years at the Harpo Studio nearby. 

Weather in West Loop Chicago

West Loop offers warm and wet summers along with freezing winters. The best time to visit is between mid-June and mid-September.