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Stylish yet charming furnished apartments await you in the heart of Wicker Park which sits just northwest of the famous Chicago Downtown. While the best parts of the city are reachable in under 15-30 minutes, these accommodations are stuffed with amenities to make shifting to a whole new city a lot more welcoming and comforting than you ever imagined it to be. Enjoy the elaborate kitchen scenes, cutlery sets, balcony views, concierge and maid service, Netflix and chill, and the cosiest beds possible amidst innumerable other striking features.

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in Wicker Park are:

Each one of our furnished apartments in Wicker Park comes laden with comforts and sits in the most gorgeous location possible. From cosy bedrooms to living rooms with TV and Wi-Fi, fully-furnished kitchens ready to be used as soon as you move to luxurious bathrooms to relax in, we have got you all covered. 

Where to Stay in Wicker Park

While Wicker Park enjoys a great history like the rest of Chicago, it is the virtue of being a hotspot of art, food, shopping, and entertainment that makes the decision of picking a location here the easiest one. Anywhere near the Bloomingdale Trail (or “The 606”) would be an obvious choice considering the urban oasis of activities and art that it is. The area brushing with the Flat Iron Arts building is great for more art and action while Milwaukee and North Street along with Division Street are the best picks for the fairy-lit restaurant scenes here.


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Facts About Wicker Park

With gourmet restaurants, high fashion boutiques, and hosting upcoming bands, Wicker Park is one of the coolest neighbourhoods there could be.

While there are innumerable reasons for its popularity, a bunch of facts that might intrigue your curiosity can be found below:

  • Some of the most expensive real estate proudly call Wicker Park their home.
  • It used to be a favourite of a lot of merchants which is why it is home to a lot of mansions that have lived even today.
  • The Real World: Chicago, MTV's reality TV show was staged right here. 
  • It was once also known as the “Polish Gold Coast”.
  • A film by the same name was released in 2004 by Paul McGuigan.

Weather in Wicker Park

The lowest temperature is expected to drop in January to 20 degrees. The highest every year goes around 80 degrees in June and July. While it remains partly cloudy in the best parts of the year, humidity is at its par almost throughout the year which is something to consider when visiting and packing for Wicker Park.