1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Colombo

Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartments in Colombo

A small group of travellers or a solo traveller planning their trip to Colombo will love an apartment that welcomes them with a sense of familiarity and belongingness. Having a 1 bedroom serviced apartment in Colombo in every exquisite location is a rare affair. An abode that constitutes a living room with an open pane window, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bedroom that is welcoming enough to soothe you. To provide all of these, we have rented accommodation in Colombo that can fit into the equation. 

Best 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Colombo for Corporate and Leisure Stay

Our range of 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Colombo brings in the aura of home as you step in. It has wooden flooring with a central heating facility. The choice of a compact single-bedroom abode can be a fulfilling and affordable pick for your travel. With our self-curated portfolio, you can choose the abode that speaks to you. With our abodes planted in most of the finest locations of Colombo, you can choose what is best for you or your partner and soak in the beauty of Colombo from within. Some of the best travel accommodation from us in the one-bedroom apartments category include: 

Facilities in our 1 Bedroom Apartments in Colombo

With a sorted portfolio of 1 bedroom apartments in Colombo, we have home-like abodes that align with the needs of global travellers. The apartments are designed keeping in mind the amenities that travellers today crave in cold luxury hotel suites. The motto is to ease your stay and give you a homely vibe. The living room consists of wide-open windows that allow sunlight and fresh air to flow in. With this, you can have the best natural therapy both during the morning and evening. 

The heart-stealing deal is our kitchen. It is designed lavishly and has each and every piece of equipment. Personal cooking and healthier eating habits are our agenda for setting up the equipped kitchen. You will get a complimentary Wi-Fi facility with a 37 inches TV for entertainment purposes. The TV supports a complimentary view package, so now you can binge-watch your favourite web series or movies under the softest snuggly quilt and a fluffy mattress. To impress you in the leisure category, we offer you access to a swimming pool in selective properties while you can also enjoy a game on Tennis courts. 

The abodes have the following additional paid services that one can use to enhance their stay here:

  • Laundry services.
  • Dry cleaning services.
  • Cots or cribs. 
  • Concierge services. 
  • Rooftop deck.

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