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Hello everyone! I am booked to come over to Paris the next week. Have two days of Business, and I wish to utilize the rest of the week on exploring and seeing around Paris. But, I have heard of a lot of people getting mugged in Paris, which is a cause of concern. Please help me with some tips to be safe in the city? I would be so obliged! Thank you.

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Praveen    |   

0       Dear Pauline, Thank you for using our Forum.We are happy to assist you being safe in this beautiful city of lights.Paris is statistically one of the safest city in Europe. Violent crime rates are fairly low here, although some crimes, including pick pocketing, are fairly prevalent. As a consequence, you should always be vigilant with your personal affairs, especially in crowded areas such as trains, metro stations, and any popular tourist areas. Money belts and traveler's checks are excellent ways to protect yourself. Also, avoid having more than 100 Euros in cash with you at a time. If your hotel room includes a safe, consider using it to store valuables or cash. Never leave your bags or valuables unattended in the metro, bus, or other public areas. Not only do you risk theft by doing so, but unattended bags may be considered a security threat and can be immediately destroyed by security officials. Travel insurance is essential. You can usually purchase travel insurance along with your plane ticket. We'd like to say that all areas of the city are 100% safe. But caution is warranted in some, especially at night, or when traveling alone as a woman. Especially when traveling alone, avoid areas around metro Les Halles, Chatelet, Gare du Nord, Stalingrad and Jaures late at night or when the streets appear less than crowded.

Praveen    |   

0       Below you can note some emergency numbers in Paris: Medical Emergencies: Dial "15" Fire brigade: Dial "18" Police: Dial "17" Thank you. Enjoy your stay in Paris.
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