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Best things to do in London in the summertime

Hello All. Just moved from New Orleans to London this week with my work. Luckily, I have been welcomed with a London Summer. I've got some time before I start with work, maybe some of you can suggest me on what can I do or see to make the most of my break?

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Best Answer upvote    3    Allow me to add something to the comment above, Dalston Street Feast is absolutely amazing! It's streetfood and bars sort of like Dinerama but it's a lot bigger and really busy during the weekends. Definitely worth a visit on a sunny day.
upvote    1    Welcome to London! The city is absolutely gorgeous in the summertime, we're sure you'll enjoy it. Some of our favourites are Hyde Park and Regent Park that are perfect for lounging on a sunny day. Portobello Road market in Notting Hill or Columbia Road flower market in East London are great spots for some local markets, and if you want a great bar vibe, head down to Dinerama in Shoreditch that offers a lot of streetfood and drinks. Jatin from thesqua.re
upvote    0    Thank you for those great suggestions! I have another great tip for anyone who might read this - I was walking around in Covent Garden the other day and it's really lovely on a sunny day with loads of shops, people and street performers. Such a great ambience!
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