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Boarding schools in London


Any suggestions on good options for boarding schools in London? What is the minimum tuition fees?

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Hey Bradley! Here’s a comprehensive list of top boarding schools in UK:

  • CATS London in Bloomsbury
  • Dover college in Southeast
  • CATS Canterbury in Kent
  • Oakham School which is among the top IB schools in UK
  • Bilton Grange
  • Sevenoaks School

Additionally you could check with the Good Schools Guide of UK. 

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Hi Bradley! I presume you are from outside UK? State boarding schools don’t offer the facility to non UK kids. The admissions are limited to UK nationals or nationals from the European Economic Area or those having a right to residence in UK. State boarding schools provide free education, only boarding fees is charged.

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Hello. Here's an easy break up for you: International School Council member boarding schools charge a little low at around £7,572 per term for boarders, while the average boarding fees for prep, senior age groups is £10,317. The average annual tuition fees is £28,409, while some are at a lower range £7,544.

Hope this helps. 

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