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What is it like to do business in Singapore?

3 answers

Austin    |   

Hey, I am running a Product Packaging business in Singapore for the last 10 years and it’s going great. Nothing has stopped me here to do what I wanted to do. The people here are great and the culture is very accommodating.

Ruby    |   

I think Singapore is a good place for both running a business or for doing a job. People have been running businesses here for quite a long time. The most popular businesses that I have seen here are Telecommunications-Singapore is a well-known telecom hub, Biotechnology is a fast emerging industry and Information Technology has a stronghold in Singapore since quite long. Being a metropolitan city, it is also a fashion hub and the fashion industry here is another thriving business area.

Austin    |   

Singapore is by far the most preferred location for setting up a flourishing business. It welcomes the international trade companies with open arms, even individual investors are welcome here. This is one of the reasons why it has been so successful in establishing a strong trade and investment culture. It is a competitive market and there are endless opportunities to start a thriving business here. The flexible taxation and intellectual property laws here are a great source for forging an established trade and investment platform.
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