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Has anyone been to the community events that thesqua.re organises? I want to go to one but I'm not completely sure how it works. Thanks!

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Best Answer upvote    2    Hi there! I have been staying here for a while now and attended two events... The company usually arrange it at a bar and buy some drinks and then people just show up whenever they want. Hope that helps


upvote    1    That sounds pretty cool. How do i sign up to attend?


upvote    0    They usually send out an email to me when the event is happening so that's all I know.


upvote    0    Hi guys, great to see that you have interest in our events! You can see all upcoming events on our page here http://www.thesqua.re/events where you'll also find information on how to sign up. Hope that helps!


upvote    0    How much do the events cost?


upvote    0    Every time I have been there it has been free and paid for by thesqua.re..


upvote    0    Thanks for your reply, I'll definitely try and stop by for the next one! Hope to meet you there


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When you stay in any of our apartments, we want to help you get to know the city and our personalized service includes events to help you get to know other travellers who are staying with us.

The events organized by thesqua.re are a wonderful way to get to meet like minded individuals who can share their unique take on the city you both are currently in. Sign up for one of our events on thesqua.re website and become part of our growing community. Take part in an evening of:

  • Drinks
  • Canapes
  • Networking
  • Sharing travel stories & travel tips

To sign up, email events@thesqua.re today

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