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French language lessons



Hey, where can I get some French language lessons in France?

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Hi, where exactly do you wish to pursue the course from? Which part of France are you in?
You can check the Centre International D'antibes. It is at 28 Avenue Du Chateau.



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Hi Stephen, are you working in France? French is essential if you wish to work in here. If the idea of free French lessons rings a bell, then I have a few good recommendations for you to explore. Listing them here for you:

The French Office of Immigration is the best option. They offer A2 level classes for free.


Check the OFII-Office Francais de l’immigration et te l'intégration.

The Red Cross office offers free French lessons.

Atout Cours, a volunteer group offers free classes.

Thot is a French school that gives free French lessons to asylum seekers and refugees.

If you are in Paris, CEFIL will be good for you.

Hope this will help.



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Have you ever read French? It would be easier for you to pick up if you know a bit of French.
Some options are available on YouTube. I tried the channel Learn French with Alexa. She is rather good at it. There are others however: Imagiers.net, Frenchpod101, or JeFrench.com
The best is to research online and find out in your area, check with the locals. Happy hunting!



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Befriend some of the locals. It will give you the much needed exposure and will help you in the long term. Making friends isn’t that difficult. Other than that you can check Institut de Touraine in Villefranche. It’s a 20 min ride from Nice. I had a good experience there.

Hope this helps!



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I am moving to Montpellier in July and I need to learn some French too. One of my known acquaintance has suggested Alliance Francaise. It has branches almost everywhere in France. I will be registering at the Montpellier branch.

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