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Good schools in Paris, France



Could anyone suggest the best schools in Paris, France? I am moving in from UK, would an English speaking international school be a good option?

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Hey.Thomas. Are you looking for a ecole (primary), college (middle school) or a lycee (high school)? Based on this broad division I am giving you some names here which I found off the web. Hope it helps! British School of Paris, College Federico Garcia Lorca, Ecole Internationale bilingue (EIB), Ecole Jeannine Manuel, Lycee International-British Section, Lycee International Montessori. Just wait for some more answers on this thread. May be people will have more info on this.



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Foreign International schools are the best advisable option as it gives kids the flexibility to learn in their own language without the hassle of learning a new lingo. The major plus point is they offer the same curriculum as the native country and thus help in the transition. You could take a look at these: International Deutsche Schule Paris, Ecole Jeannine Manuel, International School of Paris at Rue Beethoven, The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris, Cours Fides, Douces Maternelles, and Ecole Alsacienne.



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The fees of International schools is very expensive, so be careful with your choices. A local French school with seperate English classes or curriculum could be worthwhile. French is just another language after all and I know a family that moved in here from UK a while ago and 10 months later all in the family were speaking fluent French.



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Where are you based in Paris? Are you considering your place of stay as a criteria? Instead of going for an international school you could try some French State schools which have international and European option. There are several advantages of enrolling your kids in a local French school. They get fluent in the language and make some native friends, it will help them in the longer run.

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