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Any info on good restaurants in West Drayton? I arrived here almost a week ago on a work assignment. It wouldn’t hurt to explore a few good places to grab a bite. Right? Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Hello there! My top three favourites are:Eriki Crowne Plaza Hotel and Achari for spicy Indian fare. The Orchard for a casual dining experience.


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Oh, Hey! That’s a great question. I have been to many restaurants in West Drayton. I found these best: Sipson Tandoori Indian restaurant, Go Sing-the chinese restaurant, Positano for Italian, the Plough-it is a traditional pub, Zayani-I love the ambience and the seating here, the Griddle Diner and the Poppins Restaurant are great for an English styled feast.


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Hello. May I ask what is the purpose of your visit? Are you looking for a stylish diner, a romantic themed restaurant, or a formal one. There are hoards of restaurants in West Drayton and all cater to a varied number of interests.


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That’s a good point that he has discussed above. I too look for theme based restaurants. It somehow gets the ball rolling. Here’s a detailed break up of restaurants according to the theme:
Local Pubs:
New Wing Luck-a local late night diner with a casual setting.
Go Sing-an all Chinese restaurant with authentic cantonese dishes.
Peri Peri West Drayton-for the fried chicken lovers.
Star of India-a late night Indian style restaurant.
Public houses and bars:
Three Magpies- a traditional pub.
King Williams IV-a good family themed pub.
The White Hart-it’s a fairly old pub of its kind but has the best dishes.  
The White Horse-is an old village pub.  
Romantic restaurants:
Kaniz restaurant-the stylish decor is apt for spending a sweet evening with your loved one.
Achari-for a romantic date with Indian menu to enjoy alongside.  
Steak & Lobster Heathrow-great French cuisine here with plenty of cocktails.
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