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Who do I contact if I need something for my apartment?

Hi or other residents. I need another duvet for my apartment in Avant Garde. Who can I contact and how does ...

How to get loyalty points

Help, I'm staying with you and have seen that I get loyalty points for my booking. How does this work?

Babysitter recommendations anyone?

I relocated to the city sometime back and now my new job's about to start, does anyone know any good sitters near ...

Brunch Spots

Morning all! Just moved to Canary Wharf over the weekend and my day doesn't start until 2 pm today. Any good places ...

Banking tips anyone?

Hi all, how does a newly relocated expat get access to a bank account in London? I have a credit card but it is too ...


I'm a working mother of two (ages 6 & 9) in your Canary Wharf apartment. My husband is away on an assignment and ...

Health Insurance doubts

I just moved from New Zealand after 8 years and am now relocating to London, I travel a lot so fall sick often as the ...

Shifting into my own place

So I've had a long, happy affair with and now am permanently moving to London! I've always stayed in ...

Perks and offers

I was told about certain perks while booking this apartment with you, how do I access these perks and offers? Also, ...

Community meet up

Hi, I just moved into one of your apartments and heard from another guest about the community events. Could you please ...

Getting around while avoiding public transport

I'm not the biggest fan of the public transport in the city but at the same time would like to know what is a ...

Currency exchange troubles

Hello friends, I reached this city just this past week and still have dirhams in my possession from back home. A ...

Dental Care

I just moved in this past month and have developed a tooth condition which might need operating upon, I don't think my ...

Christmas Shopping

As it is coming up to Christmas, I'm looking to buy some gifts to send back home. Is there an equivalent to Macy's in ...

Cafe with good WiFi?

Any quiet Cafe up Carnaby St where I can get some work done? Good WiFi will be a plus!

Popular news dailies

It would be great to pick up on local news and events whilst staying in London and have noticed that many people read ...

Black Cabs how to

Are "Black Cab" drivers really that well educated on places in London?

First Aid/advice

I haven't been able to register with my local GP yet, but I have a sports injury that i'd still like an opinion on - ...

Best Mobile Provider

This may be a matter of opinion, but which mobile phone service provider is generally best when in the UK?


I found a bar called called Kick in Shoreditch last night, they have table football everywhere! I just wanted to share ...

Car rentals?

Can someone please share details for a good car rental agency in here in London? Thanks

London Zoo

I was planning a trip to the zoo with my kids but wanted to know if we need to pack a lunch as well or are there eating ...

Good gym anyone

Is there any gyms square members will recommend? There’s a bit too much choice on offer, I’m getting confused

Office Sharing Space

Any shared office space over in South London anyone? Will be a big help thanks!

Sport supplies store

Do you guys have Decathlon stores in London? I need to buy sports supplies, any other store suggestion would be of much ...

WiFi spots in Old Street

I'm staying in Old street at the moment, but I have a few hours in between meetings tomorrow. Can someone recommend a ...

Rental Tux?

Anyone here know of a place where I can pick up a tuxedo or really smart suit for a corporate dinner? I don't have one ...

Uber deal code

Where can I find the discounts you offer? I'll need an uber after I land here and I see you offer a discount on it!

Booking a meeting room

Does anyone know a service where I can book a meeting room?

Shopping Malls?

Is there anything like a shopping mall in London? I’m not really sure what they are called the in the UK

Bus Route Map

I'm really confused about the bus routes in the city, is there an app for it I can use to keep track? I've taken the ...


Are there any carpool options available in London? Would prefer that over public transport.

Navigating tube maps

Can anyone help explain the London Tube Map to me? The whole thing looks very confusing and would like to ask the forum ...

Community Event

Hi Guys, when is the next community event? I loved the last one!!!

Public Transport

I am due to arrive in London City Airport end of next week and need to get to Central London. Anyone thinks that ...

Indian Restaurant in Vauxhall

Any good Indian restaurants in the area or nearby? Missing home cooked food!

Corporate Lunch in Central London

Good corporate lunch spots in Central London? Will help boost productivity!

Transport query

I’m here over the christmas season and I just thought, what happens to public transport over this period? Does it run ...

Cutting travelling costs

My travel is costing me quite a lot, is there anyway I can try and cut the costs while going to and from work?

Enquiry about a third-party concierge service of in NYC

Greetings! My name is Raphael and I am relocating to NYC the next week for work. I have booked one of your nice ...

Apartment Service Query

Hi! I am planning to have some friends stay over the weekend at the apartment. Though there’s enough space for almost ...

Society of San Francisco and General City Etiquettes

Hi there! My name is Bradley and I will be arriving in San Francisco by the end of this month. This will be my first ...

Luggage-transfer concierge service of

Hello my name is Therese. I will be staying at your 2-bedroom Penthouse property at Ballsbridge with 4 other colleagues ...

What are the best city-travel apps for Paris

Hello everyone! My name is Noah. I will be arriving in Paris the next week and I am booked to stay at one of your stays ...'s community gathering events in Dublin and of future schedule

Greetings everyone! My name is Sean and I will be in Dublin for a month. That’s quite a long time to be in a city in my ...

Concierge service of in NYC

Hello lovely people! I will be coming to NYC the next week on business and have an extremely tight schedule. I was ...

Tipping amount/percentage in London’s restaurants and bars

Hi all! I will be coming over to London in the last week of August for a month-long project. I am booked to stay at one ...

Oyster Card- How to pre-order it and where can it be topped?

Hi all! I am travelling to London for business and will be staying for a month or more. My place of work is housed in ...

Best mode of transport from Heathrow airport to Shoreditch apartment- Uber or airport rental?

Hello everyone! My name is Linda and I am new to this forum. I have booked a stay for me and my partner at one of your ...

Can members of the public go to Paris Fashion Week?

Hi everyone, I’m staying in Paris for work and would love to visit at least one show at the forthcoming Paris Fashion ...

Cinemas or theatres near Trocadero?

What can I do near Trocadero area on an evening out? Are there any cinemas or theatres nearby? I am also especially ...

Freedom Trail in Boston worth visiting?

Hello fellow travelers, I had a question related to Boston and the freedom trail. I’ve read a lot about it and how it's ...

Christmas shopping in Singapore?

Where can I find decent Christmas gifts for my friends back home in Singapore? I will be flying back near Christmas and ...

Vintage cinemas in Paris?

I am a major movie buff and even on a work trip I love discovering new cinemas and was wondering where I can find a ...

Chinese food in Paris?

I am staying in Paris for 6 days and wanted to sample some authentic Chinese cuisine while I am there. Where can I find ...

Child friendly parks in Brooklyn?

Hi everyone, I plan on being in Brooklyn for 10 days next months and was looking for child-friendly green spaces/parks ...

Gym near Brooklyn?

Hi I plan on staying in Brooklyn for 3 weeks for a work trip and am a regular gym goer so am looking for a decent gym ...

Child friendly restaurants in New York?

Hello, I will be staying in Brooklyn for my week long holiday but plan on visiting New York as much as possible. I have ...

Singapore weather in December?

What’s the weather like in Singapore in December? I will be there for 10 days and need to decide if I should pack ...

Best galleries in Berlin?

Where can I find some good artwork in Berlin, specifically , some good art galleries in the city?

Coffee shops in San Francisco?

Hi I need suggestions for good coffee shops in San Francisco. Anything which does a decent, strong coffee and maybe ...

Best macarons in Paris?

Paris has the world’s best macarons and I’m trying to find the best places in the city to find them. Any suggestions?

Travelling from Heathrow to Central London?

What is the fastest way of getting from Heathrow to the City (Bank etc.) ? Is a taxi better or the underground or any ...

What are some of the best local dishes in Dublin?

What are some of the local dishes in Dublin that I must try? I would love to try local pub food especially.

What is the Dublin Temple Bar Tradfest?

I am interested in the Dublin Temple Bar tradfest and wanted to know what exactly it is? I just know that it’s a mini ...

Attractions in North London?

Hello fellow travelers, what is there to see in North London? I’ve heard of Alexandra Palace but am looking for some ...

Venue for London Short Film Fest 2018?

I plan on working in London during January and know that the Short Film Festival takes place in January. Where is it ...

How can I find a great serviced apartment in Aldgate ahead of the London Marathon?

Hey there! I’ll be visiting London sometime on 20th April, just in time for the London Marathon. I’m trying to look for ...

Sydney Comedy Festival, anyone?

What’s on at the Sydney Comedy Festival?

Any info on Singapore International Festival of Arts?

Which shows should I book at SIFA this year? Any favorites?

Booking a serviced apartment in London

Just planned a trip to London. Got any insights on rent prices for serviced apartments in London?

HSBC World Rugby Sevens 2018

When’s the next Men’s World Rugby 7s happening?

Best neighbourhoods for renting apartments in London

Which neighbourhoods are good to rent an apartment in London for a week?

Domestic helper in Hong Kong

Any domestic helpers in Hong Kong ? Where can I source them from?

Ever heard of Cirque Du Soleil Kooza?

What are the major attractions at the Kooza Cirque Du Soleil and where’s it happening?

Private English Tutor in Hong Kong

Just moved to Hong Kong on work appointment. I have two kids----need a good private English tutor. Do fill in please….

Good schools in Paris, France

Could anyone suggest the best schools in Paris, France? I am moving in from UK, would an English speaking international ...

Poppy flowers, Rosemary and ANZAC Day

Why do people wear Poppy flowers and Rosemary on ANZAC Day

UK spouse visa requirements

I am applying for UK spouse Visa next month, any expert advice on how should I go about it?

Boarding schools in London

Any suggestions on good options for boarding schools in London? What is the minimum tuition fees?

French language lessons

Hey, where can I get some French language lessons in France?

Summer Camps for kids in Hong Kong

I have two kids and we moved to Hong Kong a month ago. We need to know if there are any great summer camps in Hong Kong?

Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK

When and how can I apply for an ILR in UK?

Tips on moving to France

I am moving to France in September this year. Any tips for an expat moving to France?

Relocating to HK with family

I am relocating to Hong Kong with my family where should I stay?

Relocating to London with Family

I am moving to UK with my family of four in May 2019. Need advice on moving to London.

Jobs for a non-French speaker in Paris

Are there any English speaking jobs in France for a non-French speaker?

Seafood restaurants in Hong Kong

Any leads on the best seafood restaurants in Hong Kong?

Expat friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong

I am relocating to Hong Kong later this year. Can anyone guide me on some expat friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong?

Staying in Canary Wharf

Is Canary Wharf a good place to live in?

Is Fitzrovia safe?

Is Fitzrovia safe? Is it a good neighbourhood to reside in?

Restaurants in West Drayton

Any info on good restaurants in West Drayton? I arrived here almost a week ago on a work assignment. It wouldn’t hurt ...

Visit Hong Kong Disneyland in summers

Disneyland in Hong Kong or California, which one is better? Looking forward for your answers. Cheers!