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All posts

Can someone recommend a good restaurant in Canary Wharf?

Hi everyone. I am new to thesqua.re, just moved in to my Lincoln Plaza apartment. I have a business meeting in on ...

Community events

Has anyone been to the community events that thesqua.re organises? I want to go to one but I'm not completely sure how ...

Best things to do in London in the summertime

Hello All. Just moved from New Orleans to London this week with my work. Luckily, I have been welcomed with a London ...

First Diwali in London

Hey everyone! This year will be my first Diwali abroad and I'm a bit clueless about the celebrations in the city here. ...

Brunch Spots

Morning all! Just moved to Canary Wharf over the weekend and my day doesn't start until 2 pm today. Any good places ...

Sports Club

Anybody here fancy a bit of golf? Hit a few balls over the weekend! Suggestions for sports club in and around the city ...


Hi, I'm a big fan of theater and currently staying in Aldgate with thesqua.re, can a local please suggest good theaters ...

Winter Sale much!?

Morning! I'm from Australia so our winter sales happen in June, any ladies (or gents) here who can direct me to a ...

City Tour

Hi all! I got here a fortnight back and am planning to hop on to a tour bus this weekend! Any popular service provider ...

Grocery shopping from home

Am I the only one or have we had one too many rainy days off late? Can anyone here please suggest a service which ...

Children's Activity Workshop

Are there currently any kids events or activity workshops which I can sign my kids up for? We're new to the city and ...


Hey guys, are there any speakeasy pubs/bars in London? If so, where? Would love to visit one over the weekend!

Madame Tussauds

I guess tourist season came early this year because I haven't been able to take the kids since weeks! The crowds are ...

Puppet Shows

Back home in Cape Town we have puppet shows happening in our community all the time, lately I've been on the lookout ...

Christmas Shopping

As it is coming up to Christmas, I'm looking to buy some gifts to send back home. Is there an equivalent to Macy's in ...

Nightlife Blues!

There is so much nightlife in London, but I'm not sure how to find out what is happening in my area (I'm staying in ...

Brekkie in Canary Wharf

Where is good for a corporate breakfast meeting? I'm based in Canary Wharf and struggle to find anywhere beyond Pret a ...

Popular news dailies

It would be great to pick up on local news and events whilst staying in London and have noticed that many people read ...

Great english breakfast spots?

Colleagues keep telling me to experience having a "Full English" breakfast - where can I go in the Aldgate area to get ...

Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon Tea is something I desperately want to experience, but booking spaces are rare and it's so expensive! Is ...


Can someone please suggest a good sauna in the city, thanks. Anywhere around Central London will be perfect.

Kids theatre

Are there any kids theater in London? We have one or two back in NYC. Kids just love them

Chess Clubs

I'm a big chess enthusiast and don't have chess playing company here in London, any clubs or chess players in here?


Can anyone recommend a good bookstore near Fitzrovia? Time to pick up on my reading this holiday season! Thanks

London Zoo

I was planning a trip to the zoo with my kids but wanted to know if we need to pack a lunch as well or are there eating ...

Fish and Chips, Shoreditch

I’ve come to London and I’ve always heard about your Fish and Chips, where would be a good place to get them in the ...

Good gym anyone

Is there any gyms square members will recommend? There’s a bit too much choice on offer, I’m getting confused

Mexican Restaurant

I'm feeling homesick (been in London for 3 months now), can anyone recommend somewhere where I can get some traditional ...


Last night I was taken to a bar that played rock music, I can't remember the name but can anyone recommend another good ...

Christmas Season shopping

Can anyone recommend any Christmas markets? I fancy some mulled wine!

Apartment help

Is there a specific number I should call if something goes wrong in my apartment? Nothing has gone wrong! I would like ...

Area recommendations - London Bridge

I'm looking for somewhere I can drink some authentic ales - lots of pubs and bars near to where I work in London Bridge ...

Shopping Malls?

Is there anything like a shopping mall in London? I’m not really sure what they are called the in the UK

Indoor running tracks

I love a good jog in the morning, any clubs with an indoor jogging track I could hit in the city?

Gift shopping

I need to get a good tie for a belated secret santa present, can anyone recommend me any places to look

Community Event

Hi Guys, when is the next community event? I loved the last one!!!

Music supplies

I need to buy a Gibson as a wedding present, where can I get my hands on one near Aldgate?

Gym/fitness clubs

I'm looking to stay fit whilst visiting London on a project for work but don't want to sign up to a gym! Can anyone ...

Transport query

I’m here over the christmas season and I just thought, what happens to public transport over this period? Does it run ...

Starbucks in Fitzrovia

I need my daily dose of caffeine and I can't seem to find any Starbucks around here, help!

Shopping Tips

I am staying in a serviced apartment in the West End and have noticed that many shops are not open on Sundays? Is this ...

What can one see and do in Dublin?

Hello, me and my partner will be travelling to Dublin for an art exhibition which will keep us busy for the first week, ...

how can I travel from SFO to Lake Tahoe for a weekend break

Hi! I have been staying in one of your stays in Fisherman’s Wharf since a month now. Thanks to your city blogs and ...

Society of San Francisco and General City Etiquettes

Hi there! My name is Bradley and I will be arriving in San Francisco by the end of this month. This will be my first ...

New York City Pass (City sights Pass)

Greetings to everyone here! I and my family (husband and my sweet twins of 8) are booked to come to New York in the ...

Enquiry about the best Traditional Pubs in Dublin

Hi guys! My name is Kimmy and I will be visiting Dublin the next week. I have booked my stay at one of your apartments ...

What are the best city-travel apps for Paris

Hello everyone! My name is Noah. I will be arriving in Paris the next week and I am booked to stay at one of your stays ...

How to get tickets for World Athletics Championship in London

Hello there! My name is Wilkins. Me and my wife shall be travelling to London in the first week of August and will be ...

Quality healthcare centres in temple Bar in Dublin?

Hi! I am arriving in Dublin and will be staying three weeks in the city on business. Because of my diabetes, I ...

What mode of public transport to get around in Hong Kong?

Hello I am new to forum! I am arriving in Hong Kong at the end of this month for an art exhibition that I am working ...

thesqua.re's community gathering events in Dublin and of future schedule

Greetings everyone! My name is Sean and I will be in Dublin for a month. That’s quite a long time to be in a city in my ...

Concierge service of thesqua.re in NYC

Hello lovely people! I will be coming to NYC the next week on business and have an extremely tight schedule. I was ...

Oyster Card- How to pre-order it and where can it be topped?

Hi all! I am travelling to London for business and will be staying for a month or more. My place of work is housed in ...

Can members of the public go to Paris Fashion Week?

Hi everyone, I’m staying in Paris for work and would love to visit at least one show at the forthcoming Paris Fashion ...

Cinemas or theatres near Trocadero?

What can I do near Trocadero area on an evening out? Are there any cinemas or theatres nearby? I am also especially ...

Freedom Trail in Boston worth visiting?

Hello fellow travelers, I had a question related to Boston and the freedom trail. I’ve read a lot about it and how it's ...

Best Pizza in New York?

I’ve always heard pizza is legendary in New York and now that I’ll be in the city for work, I could really use some ...

What to bring to Halloween at Disneyland?

For a family trip we are visiting Paris in October and timing it with Disneyland’s Halloween. Has anyone been in the ...

Christmas shopping in Singapore?

Where can I find decent Christmas gifts for my friends back home in Singapore? I will be flying back near Christmas and ...

Best place to watch the Columbus Day Parade in New York?

Hi everyone, I will be visiting New York in the first week of October, just in time for the annual Columbus Day Parade. ...

What to see at Wexford fringe festival 2017?

I’ve heard a lot about this festival which runs in parallel to the Wexford Opera Festival. This year will have 300 ...

Most Instagrammable spots in London?

I read recently that London is the most instagrammable city on Earth. Any spots in particular one should visit if ...

Rooftop Bars near Orchard Road?

Hi everyone, I will be staying very close to Orchard Road and wanted recommendations for good rooftop bars near Orchard ...

Chinese food in Paris?

I am staying in Paris for 6 days and wanted to sample some authentic Chinese cuisine while I am there. Where can I find ...

Child friendly restaurants in New York?

Hello, I will be staying in Brooklyn for my week long holiday but plan on visiting New York as much as possible. I have ...

Best macarons in Paris?

Paris has the world’s best macarons and I’m trying to find the best places in the city to find them. Any suggestions?

Travelling from Heathrow to Central London?

What is the fastest way of getting from Heathrow to the City (Bank etc.) ? Is a taxi better or the underground or any ...

Top museums to see in New York?

I only have a weekend in New York so which museums should I add to the top of my list? I’m very interested in art, ...

What are some of the best local dishes in Dublin?

What are some of the local dishes in Dublin that I must try? I would love to try local pub food especially.

What is the Dublin Temple Bar Tradfest?

I am interested in the Dublin Temple Bar tradfest and wanted to know what exactly it is? I just know that it’s a mini ...

Attractions in North London?

Hello fellow travelers, what is there to see in North London? I’ve heard of Alexandra Palace but am looking for some ...

Paris Fashion Week tickets?

Hello fellow travelers, where can I buy Paris Fashion Week tickets? I am interested in attending any of the shows as ...

Venue for London Short Film Fest 2018?

I plan on working in London during January and know that the Short Film Festival takes place in January. Where is it ...

What are some of the best bars in Canary Wharf?

Hi everyone, I will be in Canary Wharf for 4 days next week and wanted to know which bars are the best for a relaxed ...

San Francisco Zinfandel tasting world famous?

Hello fellow travelers, I have heard about the San Francisco Zinfandel tasting being world famous. Why is that? Is some ...

Sydney Comedy Festival, anyone?

What’s on at the Sydney Comedy Festival?

Any info on Singapore International Festival of Arts?

Which shows should I book at SIFA this year? Any favorites?

Next show at the Paris Fashion Week? How can I watch it?

Does anyone here know about the Paris Fashion Week 2018? What’s the latest show that’s gonna happen there & where can I ...

Ever heard of Cirque Du Soleil Kooza?

What are the major attractions at the Kooza Cirque Du Soleil and where’s it happening?

Poppy flowers, Rosemary and ANZAC Day

Why do people wear Poppy flowers and Rosemary on ANZAC Day

French language lessons

Hey, where can I get some French language lessons in France?

Relocating to HK with family

I am relocating to Hong Kong with my family where should I stay?

Relocating to London with Family

I am moving to UK with my family of four in May 2019. Need advice on moving to London.

Jobs for a non-French speaker in Paris

Are there any English speaking jobs in France for a non-French speaker?

Paid internships abroad

I am planning to apply for a paid internship. I have no idea which are the best options abroad. Anyone here applied for ...

Expat friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong

I am relocating to Hong Kong later this year. Can anyone guide me on some expat friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong?

Places to stay in Berlin

Hey guys, I am moving to Berlin this winter. I just wanted to know where can I stay in Berlin? Do help me in finding it ...

Restaurants in West Drayton

Any info on good restaurants in West Drayton? I arrived here almost a week ago on a work assignment. It wouldn’t hurt ...

Travel tips to Hong Kong

Hey, I am going to Hong Kong sometime in September. Need travelling tips. Please share.

Day trips from Singapore

Hey people, I have a little query. Could anyone of you tell me what would be the best day trips from Singapore?

Cheap places for rent in London

I am here in London on a work trip and will be staying here for more than 3 months. I wished to know if there are any ...

Business in Singapore

What is it like to do business in Singapore?

Paris accommodation

I will be visiting Paris in August. Thinking of booking here. Can anyone suggest what it is like staying at the Paris ...

Events and festivals in Amsterdam

What are the famous events in Amsterdam during summers? Any good suggestions?

Visiting Hong Kong

I am planning to visit Hong Kong later this year. Is it a nice destination to visit?

Family outing in London

Any good suggestions for a good family outing in London? Are there any good historic sites to visit in London like some ...

Best Sushi restaurant in Berlin

Which is the best Sushi restaurant in Berlin?

Attractions near Belgravia, Kensington and Chelsea

I’ll be travelling to London later this year on a work assignment and I thinking of staying in either of these ...

Exchange money in Hong Kong

Where can I exchange money in Hong Kong? Came here a week ago and changed some of my cash at the airport when I ...

Travel hacks to know before an extended stay in London

I am planning to visit England this summer. Just wondering if I could lay my hands on some travel hacks before my ...

Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Where can I get the tickets to F1 Singapore Grand Prix and which are the best seats to witness all the action from?

Places to see in Hong Kong

What are the best places to see in Hong Kong? I came to Hong Kong for some work and now I am thinking of going out on ...

Affordable area to live in Hong Kong

Does anyone have any update and info on the most affordable areas to live in Hong Kong?

How to travel Greece, Montenegro, Croatia & Hungary?

Me & a few friends are planning a trip to Europe, we are most interested in going to Greece (Athens & Mykonos), ...

Best time to visit Hong Kong

Can someone tell me what is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Best places to stay in Sydney

I’ll be moving to Sydney in September, can anyone here help me in finding some good places to stay here. I’ll ...

Best places to eat near Covent Garden

Any good restaurants near Covent Garden?

Attractions in Kowloon and Causeway Bay

I have plans to visit Hong Kong for a work trip of about two weeks. Though my schedule is a bit tight, but I am ...

Visiting Netherlands

Hey y’all! I have been planning a short trip to Netherlands, could anyone of you hand out a few tips about the best ...

Travelling to London

Hey all, I need good ideas on where to visit in London. Can anyone let me in on the hidden gems in London?

Spend a week in London

What is the cheapest way to spend a week in London?

Festivals in London-August and September

I need a little list of events and festivals happening in London in August and September, just to be ready ahead of my ...

Singapore Food Festival

I am in Singapore for a two week business trip and I am planning to visit the Singapore Food Fest tomorrow. Your ...

A day’s itinerary to Amsterdam

Hello! I am visiting Amsterdam for a day from Berlin. Any heads up on places I should visit in a day?

ADAM’s Beer Festival August

How to enjoy the most at ADAM’s Beer fest? Has anyone here heard about it?

De Parade at Martin Luther King park

I am heading to Amsterdam sometime later this August. I have heard of the De Parade festival, any ideas what is worth ...

Popular Singapore events

Hi all. I will be visiting Singapore soon. Need to know about the famous festivals there.

Going to New York for the first time

Heading to New York this month. It will be my first trip there. Any important checklist that I should consider before ...

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