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One of the world's most picturesque vacation destinations, Copenhagen also serves as one of Denmark's financial centers. Our short-term rentals in Copenhagen are the ideal place for an international tourist to stay due to its vibrant culture and reputation as one of the costliest cities in the world to stay in. They offer all the contemporary conveniences a tourist could want, at the most reasonable prices. The large yet reasonably priced apartments offer the ideal blend of value and comfort and are ideal for short-term or extended stays. Experience this blend at our Studio Apartment in Copenhagen. With our dedicated service, you may choose from family accommodations with numerous beds to studio apartments with one bedroom. Depending on the kind and location of the property selected, our Studio Apartment in Copenhagen provides a variety of amenities. Parking, a modular kitchen, washers and dryers, and even laundry services are available at some units as amenities. Make your vacation to Denmark a once-in-a-lifetime experience by staying in one of our curated apartments in Copenhagen. You won't miss home at all!

Our Offerings of Studio Apartments in Copenhagen

Due to its high cost of living, Copenhagen is also regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Because of this, standard hotel stays are highly pricey. Therefore, the majority of travelers to the city look for short-term rentals, hence making our Studio Apartment in Copenhagen ideal for such needs. In order to save the traveler time and money, our short-term apartment rentals in Copenhagen provide a number of facilities and services that are all included in the total cost of the accommodation. Additionally, the studio apartments in Copenhagen are fully furnished to provide maximum comfort; therefore they are ideal for both extended and brief trips in the city. Here are a handful of our standout short-term rentals in Copenhagen:

Why opt for a Studio Apartment in Copenhagen?

A Studio Apartment in Copenhagen will offer you the advantages of a central and strategic location. Customers may select from a variety of lodgings based on their vacation requirements. Our single-bed lodgings in the major commercial districts surrounding the city are the finest and most economical way for working professionals to stay in Copenhagen. For large families, we offer a selection of 2- and 3-bedroom apartments with all the necessities including vehicle rental services, in-room kitchens and dining, and cleaning services on call to meet all your needs for a fraction of the price you would have to pay in a hotel. You will undoubtedly spend more money if you reserve multiple hotel rooms for various guests. You can reserve a house or apartment with enough space for everyone if you decide to stay in a holiday rental, though. Vacation homes often have larger living areas, communal areas, and outside areas. But for bigger groups like families, vacation homes, cabin rentals, and weekly rentals provide three significant benefits over hotel rooms.

The facilities we provide in a Studio Apartment in Copenhagen

Our Studio Apartment in Copenhagen will be fully equipped to meet both families and professionals’ needs. The majority of the flats include free Wi-Fi and workstations, which enable the possibility of working remotely. A wonderful house to stay in also has kitchen conveniences like a dishwasher, oven, and utensils. Most apartments have heating and air conditioning, and the costs are included in the rent, making it easy to have everything you need at the most competitive prices in the city. Additionally, the flats' strategic location provides recreational opportunities because pubs, restaurants, theatres, shopping malls, and much more are all close by. The cost of studio apartments in Copenhagen varies depending on your budget. Our studio apartment in Copenhagen offers you a tranquil and comfortable home with all the comforts of home, including the best locations in the lovely city, fully furnished accommodations, an on-site laundry facility, a small office space, and central heating in select residences. Even if the costs are reasonable, the quality of the service is uncompromised, making your short or long stays in Copenhagen convenient and cost-effective.


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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Copenhagen

There are over 51 serviced apartments in Copenhagen with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

To see a selection of Copenhagen offers, please visit our offers and coupon page .

Choose a part of Copenhagen you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here .

Some of the apartment buildings in Copenhagen will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Copenhagen serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsCopenhagen have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

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