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I'm really confused about the bus routes in the city, is there an app for it I can use to keep track? I've taken the wrong bus twice now!

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Andrew    |   


Finding your way around London on a bus can be difficult but there are ways to make life easier, thanks to a few apps on the Google Play store and the App store. Some of the best apps out there include:

  • Mapway: This is an app that lets you stay in touch with what is happening with public transport, specifically, buses, no matter where you are in London. You can find any bus in London simply by finding a bus top and you can even see if your bus is running late, if it’s stopping at a bus stop near you.
  • Citymapper: One of the most popular apps for navigating the streets of London.
  • UK Bus checker: This useful app covers all of the UK and you can check the timetable and live departures from the nearest stop
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