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I’ve come to London and I’ve always heard about your Fish and Chips, where would be a good place to get them in the Shoreditch area?

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Ross    |   

0       Hi Glenn - Fish and chips is a staple of British culture! Get yourself down to Poppies - A traditional fish-and-chip shop decorated with 1950s memorabilia, offering table service or takeaway. Not far from Shoreditch High Street Station!

Joseph    |   


London is world famous for it’s fish and chips. Some of the best fish and chips venues in Shoreditch are:

  • Poppies Fish & Chips: This retro themed fish and chips restaurant is not only one of the best in London, but also one of the best in the East end. You will find some delicious crunchy batter fish here with large portions of fish and the restaurant’s popularity in Shoreditch has led to it expanding into Soho and Spitafields as well.
  • Sutton & Sons: Located in neighbouring Hackney, this family run chip shop also have a fishmongers on the same street. If you want light and crispy chips and crisp fish, this is a must-go.
  • Shoreditch Fish & Chips: As the name suggests, this fish and chip shop in Shoreditch is a small and cosy nook which exudes a London vibe. With reasonable prices and delicious taste, the fish and chips here are simple, tasty and wholesome.
  • Hoxton fish house: A simple fish shop that offers fish set on a bed of salar and chips on the side. The homemade tartare sauce is a delicious addition to an already perfect meal.
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