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Is Fitzrovia safe? Is it a good neighbourhood to reside in?

5 answers

Mohammad    |   


Hey! Of course Fitzrovia is safe! I do roam around there often at night. I haven’t come across any sort of odd bods around here. Fitzroy square sure is deserted at night mostly. If you happen to be there at night you can take the Tottenham cross road and make a cut towards Maple Street to reach Fitzroy Street. It is not far from the tube either. Just two different parts of the square.


Ethan    |   


Tottenham Court Road has 5 buses running from the spot for 24 hours in a day. The stop near the Warren Street is busy most of the time. So you can easily take that route.


Theo    |   


Fitzrovia is by far the best place to stay in central London. Its excitingly posh and upscale. You won’t have any qualms staying here.


Sebastian    |   


I have lived in Fitzrovia for quite long. Never faced any issues here. Fitzrovia lies near the west end of London and is situated between Westminster and Camden, which is in the east. Going by its physical disposition you can have the best of west end and the central part of London. It has a thriving community and is particularly famous for its pubs, bars, restaurants and buzzing nightlife. It has a regular gathering of musicians, poets and artists. You can enjoy so much here. Hope this answer works for you.


Toby    |   


Hi! I have been staying in London for the past 20 years. Never had a problem anywhere. I have travelled a lot in and around the central parts and the west side of London. Sometimes due to work and at other times for leisure along with friends and family. To be honest, I haven’t faced anything that puts me off about life in London.

Just a bit of advice for you, whenever you are in doubt about any place don’t travel there at night and never travel alone. These two basic rules are gonna help a great deal no matter which part of the world you live in. Have a great stay in Fitzrovia. Ciao!

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