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This trip maybe postponed due to Covid-19 but this is my general outline July - October Japan (3 months) October - November Taiwan (1 month) November - December Vietnam (1 month) December - January Cambodia (1 month) January - February Thailand (1 month) February - March Malaysia/Singapore (1 month) March - June Japan (3 months) The Japan is going to be from North (Hokkaido) to South (Okinawa) and the main focus of the trip with a split in the middle because of visa limitation (3 months). I will use the time outside of Japan to check out the rest of Asia (Open to Phillipines, Indonesia, Korea as well). I'd like to know if anyone has experience going through southeast Asia and what resources, tips, etc. you know of for planning the trip. I specifically want advice for the stretch from Vietnam->Cambodia->Thailand->Malaysia.

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