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Hi all! I am travelling to London for business and will be staying for a month or more. My place of work is housed in Canary Wharf and I am booked to stay at one of your suite-stays in Stratford. Since I would be travelling to and fro for work- I would need a travel card for using the tube. I had read of the Oyster card. Please advise on where can I pre-order an Oyster Card and where all can I top it up when running low on card balance?

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Ricardas    |   

Best Answer 1       The best way to travel from Heathrow airport to Canary Wharf is with the Piccadilly Line (Dark blue) and then change to Jubilee (Grey) Eastbound. You can buy oyster card in the tube station at the machines, also there are some of them in Heathrow airport too. You will have to leave £5 deposit which you can get refunded after you leaving London. All you have to do is just press "refund" button at the screen. You can top it up on the same machines which is located in every tube station or I would suggest to buy a weekly or monthly travel card, so you could travel unlimited within certain zones. I hope you will enjoy your trip in London!
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