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AeroJet Me is a private jet charter company experienced in organizing tailor-made private jet rentals for business clients in many different sectors. Quite often, business requires efficient and stress-free transportation which can easily be achieved through a chartered rental. AeroJet Me accommodates all different professions and can tailor the experience to every client. Our team can also arrange for you a ground transportation to pick you up from any place of your choice as well as a helicopter transfer upon your arrival. Our website will give you all necessary information about private flights and how to book a private jet through our online booking system. You will find also all information related to how a private jet charter is calculated and how much is a private jet flight.We provide flights for business executives, politicians and show-biz individuals, tourists, sport federations and their teams. We also assist with medical evacuations, helicopter charters, last-minute charters and cargo freights. With access to more than 8,000 recent and luxury private jets, we have access to more than 80 different model of aircraft from light to heavy such as Boeing 777.

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