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Back home in Cape Town we have puppet shows happening in our community all the time, lately I've been on the lookout for puppet shows as I'm here in London on an assignment. Care to share any know how on theaters people? Thank you!

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Ross    |   

0       Hi! I'm Ross and I handle lots of the content writing at Thank you for your question! Puppet shows in London usually conjure up images of Punch and Judy shows, but "Avenue Q" was a puppet-themed leading production in London but is unfortunately no longer running. Head for Leicester Square station - located in the heart of the West End's "Theatreland" where a number of the biggest shows and theatres are based. Catch a show there!

Benjamin    |   


London is a haven for theatre lovers, and there is something to suit every taste at any time of year. The main place to visit for theatres is the West End as all the main musicals and live performances happen in venues that are dotted around here. Some notable plays/performances to watch in London are:

  • The Phantom of the Opera- plays at Her Majesty’s Theatre and is a multi-award winning musical which has completed more than 12,000 performances.
  • Chicago - This musical holds the enviable title of longest-running American musical in the history of Broadway. It deals with a pair of criminals who are sent to jail for committing murder and we learn of their crimes, the time they spend in prison and the trials that take place afterwards.
  • The Book of Mormon - this plays at the Prince of Wales Theatre and is also an award winning show.It is a broadway musical that was created by the creators of South park, Trey Park and Matt Stone. It’s a comedy so will appeal to those with a funny bone.
  • Dreamgirls - the iconic play at the Savoy theatre continues to win over audiences over 35 years since the original. It won the Tony award and has been playing at the Savoy theatre since November 2016.
  • Les Miserables - this notable musical celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in London in October 2015 and the performance has the the 2014 BBC Radio 2 Audience Olivier award. If you want a heavy dose of drama and music, this is the performance for you.
  • The Lion King - there can’t be many people who don’t recognize this musical. The delightful performance continues to be a massive hit amongst audiences young and old, showing the everlasting power of Disney.
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