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I am relocating to Hong Kong with my family where should I stay?

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Tony    |   


Hey! When are you planning to relocate to Hong Kong?


Evelyn    |   


How many people are there in your family? The cost of living for a single person in HK is approx. $82,000 per year. Since you are moving in with family, you should know that the estimated cost of living for a family of four in Hong Kong is above $24,000 per month.

Another important question is what is your housing budget? Since I don’t know, I am putting up generalised data here of whatever I know about living in HK.

The cheapest locations are:

  • Mid levels are in the central area of Hong Kong and again convenient for a relaxed stay for the young and happening.
  • Happy Valley has many expats living there. It offers the best options in terms of upscale living.
  • Repulse Bay and Stanley have great beaches.
  • Wan Chai is another area of central Hong Kong loaded with all amenities for a comfortable living.

Kowloon is particularly nice for families.


Mohammad    |   


How old are your kids? If you have kids who are of school going age, you should keep the idea of finding good schools around the area as a criteria.


Gary    |   


Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world. How long are you planning to stay here? If you are relocating to HK for a long term stay for a few years, then some of the best places to stay here are:

  1.       Victoria peak
  2.       North Point
  3.       Jardine’s Lookout
  4.       Shek O
  5.       Sai Kung

Hope you have a great stay here.


Milie    |   


Hey Rony. How are you doing?

Do you have pets? Well, if you do please ensure you are well acquainted with the official rules and requirements of traveling to Hong Kong with a pet. Do consult the official Hong Kong Government website.

Plan your travel at a time when the weather is suitable for your pet dog or cat. Also, make sure the locality you plan to stay in doesn’t have any rules against keeping pets.

Hope you have a great stay in Hong Kong.

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